Are ya’ll ready for Part 2 of the Guide to Sephora series??

This truly is the fun part, promise!!!!

Guide to Sephora Part II

Once you have completed all of the research on the product you are considering purchasing then it is time to create a wish list.

There are multiple options for creating a wish list.

1. You could use a Pinterest board in which you have pinned the product of your choice.

2. You could create a wishlist using

3. Or you could do it the old-fashioned way and write out your wish list. But…make it kinda cute at least!! 🙂

The most important aspect of this list….is to include the price of each product you are itching to buy! Keeping track of the price before you walk into the store will help you understand how much your current wish list will cost ya. If you’re like me, and on a beauty budget, then you will have to spread out your wish list purchases! Not as fun as full on shopping spree but certainly worth it when it comes to your finances.

Once you have that wish list then it is time to visit the store!!!

This may just be the most important thing I ever tell you….any full service Sephora store (not sure how those JC Penney outlets work) will offer free samples. I’m not talking one of those pre-packaged things you get in the mail…I mean real samples.

Be prepared…I’m getting out my soapbox.

When you go into that store, it is necessary for you to understand that any one product there is going to set you back at least $20.00. That means….that you are a valued customer and you have the right to try anything and everything before you buy it.

Ask them to color match you and try a sample of the foundation you love.

Make them apply that mocha colored shadow you think would look divine.

Ask for a sample of the night-time moisturizer you’ve been reading so much about it.

The point I’m trying to make is…there is no reason for you to be dropping a significant amount of money on a product you are not going to love.

After research, reviews and your very own sample…you should feel sure about your purchase.

Only after you have researched and sampled a product should you invest in it!

Go forth my wonderful readers, sample the hell out of Sephora!

Let me know what you love, what disappointed you and worse…if any Sephora locations gave you trouble about the samples!