Oy. Mondays never get easier. Actually, they might be getting worse. I’ll have to keep an eye on that.


This weekend was…fantastic. Truly! I learned an incredibly valuable lesson on Sunday: sometimes…..not showering, not changing out of your pajamas, not putting on an ounce of makeup and spending the day on the couch eating (a lot), watching football and playing Candy Crush is the most fun a 26-year-old young lady can have. Of course it helps that I had my adorable husband, who didn’t mind my lack of hygiene and 24 hour binge, to spend the day with! 🙂

Seriously though, I struggle with inactivity. I’m truly uncomfortable with a day in which nothing is accomplished no matter how ill, hungover or tired I might be.

I know that my husband was expecting me to pop out of bed no later than 8:30 am and begin manically listing off the things we need to accomplish between chugs of my Sugar-Free Red Bull. He was probably checking for a pulse at around 10:00 am when I had yet to budge. Finally, around 11:30 am I rolled over, looked at Andrew and said, “I want to eat, watch TV and not move today.” He was pleased, to say the least. And so, that is what we did.

Of course Sunday laziness of this magnitude would never have been possible if it were the insane amounts of fun Andrew and I had hosting a tailgate of sorts for the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. It was such a great day; chilly air, my favorite people, lots of yummy food and beverages and a win by my Hawkeyes!!

Here’s the wrap-up in pictures!