Happy Monday!!

That was a joke, I think Mondays suck for everyone even those that don’t have to stumble into work. The day just has a bad aura around it.

Lucky for me, my weekend was fabulous though it was extremely mild, tame and definitely reflective of increase in age.

Andrew was off of work but unfortunately, “on call”….meaning he spent most of the time being called into work or assisting employees on the phone so I kind of did my own thing and enjoyed him when I had him!

Here’s what my weekend looked like according to my iPhone…



I went for the most beautiful run on Saturday morning; the kind of run that makes you thankful you are alive, healthy and able! I had to snap the sunrise!! It was coming up over the trees right at my favorite point in the run (it’s the downhill portion :). Weekends are made for fresh flowers as far as I am concerned! Every week I empty last week’s tired flowers and arrange a brand new bouquet. It is therapeutic to say the least and makes every day of the week that much brighter!

stories coffee


After my morning run on Saturday I convinced Andrew to accompany me to try a brand new coffee place called Stories Coffeehouse that just opened down the street from our house. It. Was. Amazing. I will save the details for another post!


working on door


We spent most of the weekend working on our blue door!! I gave you a little sneak peak but you will be hearing MUCH MORE about this project. It turned out perfectly and I found myself heading outdoors to admire our happy looking door from the street! What is it about home projects that just make you want to crack open a beer? Don’t let the picture fool you, Andrew did much less of the painting than I did. 😉

 sunday dinna

Sunday dinner is probably my favorite part of the weekend! I love having Andrew home on Sunday nights and I LOVE cooking together. Usually I make Sunday dinner into this outrageous, complicated ordeal that I found on Pinterest…but this week….chicken and pineapple sounded really good. So, we marinated some chicken breast in a sweet, fruity blend and slapped them on a stick with pineapple. Delicious and refreshing! I cut up some of my favorite cheese to serve with crackers as an appetizer! I could fill up on that stuff alone!

It truly was the most relaxing weekend, rounded out with church, some yard work (I even surprised Andrew with a mowed lawn!) and falling asleep on the couch together last night. <3

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I cannot WAIT to share the blue door details! 🙂