I realize that I’m late, but my weekend was just too much fun and perfection for 3 days…I really needed an extra day to process!

My husband Andrew and I spent the entire weekend in Okoboji, IA celebrating the wedding of our best friends. Obviously…I knew beforehand that the weekend was going to be one of absolute bliss…but my expectations were met, obliterated and then continuously exceeded throughout the entire weekend.

The bride was gorgeous…I’m talking light up an entire freaking room kind of gorgeous and the groom looked handsome and then some…especially when his eyes met hers. Yea, I’m still crying.

Somewhere inside the warmth, love and happiness that surrounded the weekend I received an epic reality check.  Life, more specifically mine, is amazing. Unfortunately, this is a reality check I have to be on the receiving end of…quite often. Isn’t it so easy to forget how wonderful everything this? Sometimes I get so caught up in the “if onlys”, if only I could afford this, if only we didn’t have this to worry about, if only we had done that differently….etc. You all know what I’m talking about. Nothing good can from a thought that begins with “if only…”.

Between the amazing weather, the joyous occasion and watching two people I care about so deeply say “I Do”…there was not an “if only thought” to be found. I was with the love of my life and the closest people in the world to me on an extremely meaningful day and that was all I needed.

I realize…that someday I will be in need of this reminder again, but that is the most wonderful thing about life. There is always a reality check or a boatload of perspective ready and waiting for you to go looking for it.

So, now that I have gone on….and on 🙂 Here is a little picture wrap up!