I often joke about the fact that I’m getting old…but, I never actually mean it. Well, today, I mean it.

There was a time, in college (right after I was of legal drinking age of course) that I would literally party from Thursday night right through until early Sunday morning and THEN I would hammer out some homework, maybe shop with friends and be ready to go Monday morning for another week.

Not anymore, no. Now, one half-assed night of partying sends me into a deep dark hangover that consists of binge eating, moodiness and blood shot eyes. Unfortunately, while in the depths of my hangover this weekend I began to rapidly spiral into a brief, but violent quarter-life crisis.

There I was, on a Saturday morning, trying desperately to scrub, vacuum and shine the house so that my husband could come home from work to a clean house….and I was feeling miserable. After completing the task of polishing our stainless steel appliances I found myself sprawled out on the freshly cleaned kitchen floor trying to hold back tears. Part of me felt irresponsible and immature for staying out so late the night before and ignoring the “chores” I had waiting for me the next day; a complete separate part of me felt irritated by the beautiful house surrounding me and all of the responsibilities I’ve taken on so rapidly at a somewhat young age. And people say a quarter-life crisis isn’t a real thing!

Luckily, I got over it, by Saturday night the house was spotless, the lawn was mowed (thanks Andrew) and the landscaping (yes!!! we finally got landscaping, can’t wait to share more about that) was watered. I found a way to have some fun and be productive, it’s all about balance I suppose! 😉 And my weekend had LOTS of balance.

Here’s the wrap-up according to my iPhone!

 2013-08-10 00.38.18-2

Having some fun 😉

2013-08-10 00.38.54-1

And laughs….;)

2013-08-10 00.39.11-1

Okay, lots of laughs.

2013-08-10 15.09.51-2

Yesssssss. It’s time, Pumpkin everything!!! My whole house smells like a pumpkin pie now and I’m loving it!

2013-08-10 17.19.48

There were many times on Saturday my hangover forced me to sit…or lay down…in the middle of productivity. This was one of those times and I found myself loving my window flower box. One of the perks of being a little grown up! 😉

2013-08-11 17.24.04

Oh, and a little (okay a lot) of sucking up on the “I love you because…” board, hoping that maybe it would help Andrew forgive me for the less than pleasant mood I was in. 🙂

Overall, it was an excellent weekend, but this getting older thing is a little bit confusing and a lot of work!