Well, that was the most beautiful weekend…ever. The weather was outrageously perfect and despite Andrew and I’s battle with allergies, every window in the house remained open the entire time.

I learned something important this weekend; I believe it is a lesson that I am continually learning in several aspects of my life….and that lesson is…

Keep It Simple.

Why is that such a difficult concept for me to hang on to? It seems I have learned it a thousand times and yet I still find myself trying to make everything much more complicated, detailed and intricate than it needs to be.

So, on Saturday, when Andrew and I were trying to decide how we should spend our evening I found myself anxiously trying to decide on something unique, different and most likely expensive. While I was searching Pinterest for inspiration (this happens more often than I would like to admit) Andrew stumbled across the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family and mentioned that he had never seen all of them. Obviously, I was not impressed….I own every single one.

That is when I decided that a big pile of blankets, windows wide open and a night of some of my favorite movies would be the perfect way to spend the evening.


And so…I began gathering the blankets…


And rearranging the living room to make a spot for our living room camp-out.


Once I got the whole thing set up…it was feeling pretty comfy…


Andrew and I found ourselves so comfortable and cozy with the breeze from the open windows that we curled up and slept down there the entire night. It felt like a sleepover. It was free, it was simple and I was in jammies, it was amazing.

In addition to our living room sleepover…we found time for tennis, golf and a simple dinner out.

weekend collage

It was fabulous!!

Have a wonderful week!