This week has been a good kind of crazy! Lots of stuff going on and a really, really exciting weekend to look forward to! I can’t wait to fill you all in on that next week! 🙂

Unfortunately, that means that much of my blogging has been happening late at night…while Andrew is snoring and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to enjoy some of my favorite activities…there has been absolutely NO non-blog related reading…!

So, let’s make this one “quick”.

Currently watching:

Harry Potter…and lots of it. These books and these movies are still so incredibly relevant and entertaining. Lately, I can’t seem to get enough. Of course it makes it much more fun that I have been introducing Andrew to the wonders of Hogwarts! 😉









Currently Listening:

The Civil Wars new self-titled album was available to listen to yesterday an entire week before it’s release. There really are no words; the entire thing is art…emotional, passionate art. I can’t get enough.

My favorite song is the recent single, “The One That Got Away.” If you haven’t heard it…please listen to it below. I’m talking realllly good! Such a unique spin on that cliche!

Recently Purchased:

I have had my eye on the UP Wristband by Jawbone for quite some time…last week I finally gave in and purchased it. I’m only a week in…but I love it! I bought the mint colored version (obviously) and I have worn it constantly for the past week without one person asking me, “what in the hell is on your wrist?” So, it must be somewhat pleasant to look at! Basically it monitors your activity level (number of steps taken, calories burned, longest active, longest inactive, number of hours slept, etc.) so you have the complete picture of what your body is going through on a daily basis. To sync the data I just take the band off, plug it into my iPhone and open the UP app. It’s so cool. 🙂 I recommend!!


In other news…I finally completed phase 3 of my Love, Bliss & Coffee set-up and created a Facebook Fan Page!! If you could please go LIKE it! I would really, really appreciate it!