When Hayley contacted me to guest post on her blog, I was so insanely excited, and a little nervous. I love Hayley’s blog and I wanted to do a really great job in her new series idea!

My name is Kristan, I blog over at Lavender & Light, and I hope you enjoy reading this today!

My theme was to come up with a top ten… And seriously you guys, top tens are endless. And hard! I didn’t realize how hard it would be to come up with a topic… I have top tens of almost everything, ever!

So, I ended up creating a tried and true top ten for you. Yes, it has to do with Pinterest. But even better… I am giving you my top tens pins I’ve found, that I’ve actually done.

Awhile back, I created a board of pins that I had found, completed, and yes, that even means my Pinterest fails.

Here are my top ten awesome things I’ve done from Pinterest… Make sure you find me on Pinterest, I love new Pinner-friends!

This Sweet Potato Chili was on heavy, heavy rotation in our house this winter,
and the leftovers were almost better than the night of making it!


I found this and did this and it was the easiest, most inexpensive way to give my phone a makeover!


I took inspiration from this bathroom and repainted our old and gross vanity with a very dark brown. It looks like a brand new vanity now!
I found this photo and used it as inspiration for my dad’s 50th birthday!
This potato and smoked sausage casserole may not look like much,
but it was super duper husband approved and so easy to make!
Apple pie crumble… Need I say more?
I found this photo and bought extra tall mason jars to store flour and sugar on.
I get so many compliments on my easy and fun storage solution!
Done, and although it didn’t look as good as this, I still loved it!
One Pot? Heck yes! In fact, I made this again tonight for dinner!
Okay, picture of a tater tot? Take my word for it.
This “Cowboy Casserole” is one my husbands favorites.
Thank you for reading and looking at my top ten!
If you get a moment, come on over and say hi to me at my blog, Lavender & Light.
A huge thank you to Hayley for hosting me today!