I have been known to fret just a bit too much over my physical appearance; weight, makeup, hair, etc…

So, when I woke up extremely tired the other morning; groggy, grumpy and confused from my overnight allergy meds and too much antihistamine…I decided I just didn’t have it in me. I didn’t want to wash my hair, I didn’t want to carefully and painstakingly apply my makeup, eye shadow and eye liner. I wanted something quick, fresh and easy.

After a quick, cool body shower and a simple application of makeup I was ready to go 48 minutes ahead of schedule. Which means…I got to head downstairs, make myself a cup of coffee and enjoy it on our patio! It was divine.

I have to admit…I was nervous to head to work in such a natural way…I mean, what if I got the dreaded question, “are you feeling okay?” or what if someone told me, “you look tired.”

Right before I was about to run back upstairs and apply just a bit more makeup, I remembered a quote from one of my favorite movies, The Women. When Annette Bening is approached at Bloomingdale’s with a “face lift in a jar” she looks the woman right in the face and says,

“this is my face…deal with it.”

and a smile

au natural

close up


the eyes

put together

And just in case you’re feeling inspired to make things a bit more natural, here’s what I used:

1. Laura Mercier Illuminating tinted moisturizer. I apply this thinly all over my face and even down onto my neck.

2. theBalm “Bahama Mama” bronzing powder. I use this to contour around the cheek bones, nose and forehead.

3. High Beam by Benefit for a little highlighting above the cheek bones and eye brown bones.

4. “Champagne” shadow from the Lorac Pro Pallett, I brushed this lightly from the lid to the brow bone.

5. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara. It’s amazing.

As for my lips…I literally just rubbed on some Vaseline and called it a day.

Oh and the good news is…no one at work thought I was ill. Success! 😉