There is nothing more gratifying than giving someone you care about a gift that they  LOVE!
Unfortunately, finding that gift can be a less than pleasant experience. By “less than pleasant” I mean stressful, pressure filled, crowded, miserable and rash inducing. For real, I’ve worked myself up in such a gift giving tizzy that my body had no choice but to rebel in the form of a rash on my back.
Issues, I’ve got lots of them! 😉
So, if any of you find yourselves in the same gift giving predicament.
I’m here to help….and over the next week I will be supplying you with a gift guide for everyone (male/female, husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, mom/dad, daughter/son, sister/brother, best friend, co/worker, mother-in-law) in your life!
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Let’s start with the beauty product lovers!
Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide
The best thing about good quality beauty products…they can literally be given by anyone to anyone. No restrictions! I’ve put together 9 of my faves!
If you are a follower of this blog…my love for benefit is no secret! This cute little kit contains two of my beauty faves, comes in an adorably “vintage-themed” case and it is suitable for all skin types and tones!
An exfoliating treatment and a mud mask (my absolute favorite) all in one adorable ready to gift box–it’s like a day at the spa! Not to mention it has “sexy” in the name. Instantly more fun for the giver and the getter!
If you really feel like spoiling the shit out of someone…this is the way to go! As previously mentioned in this blog…the Clarisonic cleansing system is basically a life full of happiness and clear skin in a cute little gadget! Add the Josie Maran Set with the adorable bag and this gift has all of the makings of greatness!
4. & 9. Naked & Naked 2. $52.00 each
There are very few people on the planet who would argue with the statement, “Naked Eye Shadow Pallets are a game changer”. Because they are. They have single handedly changed the way we purchase and use eye shadow. They are expensive because they are good. Plus, Naked 3 is set to come out soon…which makes me think there might just be some sizzling deals on it’s old sisters!
I don’t know if you’ve noticed…but Rose Gold is taking over the world. Soon we will be driving SUV’s in Rose Gold. I’d be okay with that…! This nail kit makes it easy to seriously bling out your nails in the most popular metal of the year.
Dry shampoo is a gift from God. There’s just no way around it. Women everywhere are finding themselves with an immense amount of time as they skip the every day hair wash and turned to dry shampoo instead. This little gem takes it up a notch! Compact, travel friendly and easy to apply. Fresh hair can be had after a long day of work or halfway into a night of sweaty dancing at the bar. It’s perfect!
Truly the only thing you really have to put in your hair post-wash. Detangles, protects, smooths and shines. Plus it smells delicious!
Every woman should own some Chanel. You can quote me on that. Premiere takes the classic Chanel No5 and makes it into a fragrance almost anyone can carry! Light, fresh and powdery, it can be worn day or night whatever the occasion! Not to mention it’s just fun to start your day with a spray of Chanel! 😉
Hope that helps! Stay tuned for lots more gift ideas!