After almost six years together…I still get outrageously excited for “date night”. Maybe it is because Andrew and I spend most nights apart (due to work schedules) or maybe it is because we have so much freaking fun together…all I know, is…I can’t get enough of that guy!

I think some of the fun of having a date night is the anticipation and the ritual of getting all dolled up! I make it my mission…after this many years together…to try and take his breath away every time I breeze down the stairs and announce, “I’m ready!”

I discovered a few years ago…that the “perfect” date night look…required a certain amount of balance and skill. Enough makeup to accentuate his favorite features…but not so much he had trouble recognizing me. Something cute and a little bit sexy….but not so trendy that it left him confused and not so sexy that it left him feeling protective and jealous. And finally, a few details that prove you actually listen to your significant other when he says he really likes that dress or that hairstyle.

It took a minute, but I finally have the “perfect date night look” ready to execute whenever Andrew and I make plans!

4  Quick Rules I Always Follow When Primping for Date Night:

1. Relaxed hair. Andrew loves when I curl my hair, he’s told me…but I have also paid attention to what he seems a little less fond of. Intricate up-do’s, stiff & hair-sprayed hair and tight pony tails usually don’t get much of a response out of him. Loose curls, messy pony tails and disheveled braids he can’t get enough off! 😉

2. Cute, flirty & comfortable. The fact of the matter is…your love most likely already thinks you’re adorable. There is no need to pull out ridiculous heels, tight skirts and uncomfortable dresses. As a matter of fact…nothing will put a damper on the night like wincing every time your shoes cut into your big toe (trust me, I’ve been there). So, your best bet is to wear something flattering, comfortable and a little bit flirty!

3. Just Say No To Lip Gloss. Listen, put the lipstick and the lip gloss away and save it for girls’ night out. When I’m heading out on a date night with Andrew I stick to chap-sticks, lip balm and usually just Vaseline! A guy wants to be able to lean in for an impromptu kiss without leaving with a sticky sweet mess of lip plumbing gloss all over his mouth.

4. Make An Entrance. Don’t let them watch you get ready!! Date night is sacred, you want to be able to “wow!” the love of your life. Even if you live together, kick their cute butt out of your bathroom and don’t let them see you again until you’re ready for the big reveal! It makes things so much more fun…and it helps keep those butterflies around as long as possible! 😉

Just in case you need a little outfit and makeup inspiration…this is my finished date night look! The best part about this post…Andrew did the photography. Which means lots of laughs and smiles!

The Absolutely Perfect Date Night Look

Spring Date Night

Summer Date Night

Summer Dress Date Night

Date Night Look 4