I don’t think anyone anticipated the excitement with which Andrew would dive into planning this wedding…I know that I certainly did not. I mean…previous events were planned solely by me and Andrew was told where to be and when; I imagined that this wedding would be similar. I was wrong. So. Wrong. From the minute this (beautiful) ring was placed on my finger Andrew has wanted to be an integral part of the planning process. A mere 24 hours after our engagement he sat by my side at the computer as we explored my (slightly premature) wedding board on Pinterest. He let me show him all 460 pins in detail and seemed to be…enthralled by the whole thing.

i love someecards

When the first wedding show came to town he insisted that he come along. Insisted! And as we walked around that room tasting cake, exploring floral options and testing out color combos the other brides looked at me enviously as though I was “the groom whisperer”. I have to admit…I was feeling pretty smug; planning this event didn’t seem so troublesome when I considered sharing the work with my Andrew. Things did, however, take a turn for the worse when the topic of the dress came to the forefront of our discussions….

“I don’t want it to have too much poof.” I remember Andrew explaining as he moved his arms about in a strange manner. I laughed at his attempt and explained to him that the dress really wasn’t his concern that he would love whatever I picked. It was supposed to end there…it didn’t. “I just don’t want you to walk down the aisle and I don’t like the dress.” Andrew elaborated further. Have I ever mentioned how honest Andrew is? It is a trait I have learned to love…most of the time. “Andrew! I don’t care if I walk down the aisle in a re-purposed garbage bag (they exist, I’ve seen them on Pinterest)…you should like what you see!” I told him, feeling pretty insulted. I mean…I think I have fairly good taste in clothes, most people have nothing but positive things to say about my wardrobe choices and I feel pretty comfortable that I will be able to apply that taste to a gown everyone will adore. I explained this to him in with the hope that he would understand that I felt I was being insulted and he would drop the conversation. He didn’t. “I like about 90% of the things you wear, it’s that 10% I don’t like that worries me.” He replied taking a big drink of his Diet Mountain Dew. I felt like smacking the damn pop bottle right out of his hand and shoving this pretty engagement ring down his throat. I didn’t. He’s lucky I like my ring so much.


After days of constant bickering regarding my dress (he even had the balls to suggest he should be there when I try them on, ha!) I came to a realization. This is our wedding, not mine; and “the dress” plays an integral part of our wedding. His opinion should be considered….carefully. While it is my dress…I am essentially putting it on for him.

There was no way in hell I was letting him see the dress before I walked down the aisle but I did come up with a compromise. I gathered 10 dresses I found on Pinterest, The Knot, etc. and emailed the pictures to him. In the email I asked him to rank each dress (1-10) 10 being his favorite, 1 being his least. He loved it and I got an excellent idea of what Andrew likes..and good news… the kid actually has pretty good taste! I have been emailing him pictures and examples periodically ever since…and I think we both feel better about the entire situation.

And if you are at all interested in my wedding dress style…check out my Pinterest board The Dress!

  • sharon o’hara

    Why do so many of today’s young women feel the need or desire to wear strapless gowns for formal affairs such as weddings, proms, etc. There are only a select few who can carry this off in a beautiful and desirable fashion, not to mention just plain comfort. Especially for a wedding, even spaghetti straps or one shoulder fashions with a beautiful design are better. But, in my old-fashioned mind, nothing is more feminine, breathtaking, or bridelike than a demure lacey neckline with some sleeve coverage, either long or short.

  • I would agree– strapless is hard to pull off and you run the risk of always, ahem, adjusting the girls, and hoping no one catches you on camera.

    Haley, this post was really funny! Did he elaborate on the “10%” ? Haha. Wow.

    BUT , how lucky for you that Andrew a) has good taste and b) wants to be involved!!

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