Happy Friday!! Here are my favorite internet finds from the week. 1. Laughing Lottery Winner. I’m pretty sure that this lady is my soul mate, because if I won a million dollars all I would be able to do is laugh and smile. If you haven’t seen this yet…I dare you to watch it without giggling along. Seriously.   2. Favorite eCard of the week. So. Accurate. 😉                     3. Flula. He… Read more »

After Andrew proposed everyone I encountered asked the same question, “so, what is it like being engaged!?” Usually their voice raised an octave or two at the end making it sound like an extra exciting question…which always left me with the pressure of providing an extra exciting response. I never had one. The hours following the engagement were obviously some of the most exciting of my life…but by the next morning very few things had changed for the positive. So we are spending… Read more »