Happy Friday!! Here are my favorite internet finds from the week. 1. Laughing Lottery Winner. I’m pretty sure that this lady is my soul mate, because if I won a million dollars all I would be able to do is laugh and smile. If you haven’t seen this yet…I dare you to watch it without giggling along. Seriously.   2. Favorite eCard of the week. So. Accurate. 😉                     3. Flula. He… Read more »

I have excellent news! Well, I think its excellent…you might not find it all that interesting, but that is a risk I am willing to take! It turns out I am not a cold, heartless bitch! Hoorah! Let me explain… It is common knowledge that I, Hayley Ann O’Hara, have never been in a big hurry to have children. “Hesitant” doesn’t even begin to cover it…there have been many moments after a bad experience at a restaurant or in a… Read more »