Have I mentioned yet how much I love music? Well, if I haven’t….I really, really love it. Let’s go ahead and put music right after coffee on my priority list!

That being said…I spend an abnormal amount of time browsing Spotify and creating, what I believe to be, the best playlists ever. I create a playlist for everything…I mean, everything. I have cleaning playlists, bath playlists, car washing playlists, craft playlists, blog playlists, running playlists, cheer the hell up playlists….I could go on…..but I’m tired.

Needless to say….when an opportunity for a road trip comes up…I’m all over that!

Andrew and I will be piling into the car tomorrow morning en route to our best friends’ wedding. Obviously…a road trip as epic as this one needs an equally epic playlist! And obviously….I’ve delivered. The playlist itself is meant to be long enough to cover the approximate 3 hour drive…but a few of the featured songs are my absolute favorite!!

Road Trip Playlist

I’ve included the entire Spotify playlist below in case you like what you see!! 😉 Enjoy ya’ll and have an awesome weekend!!