I am just so in love with fall. I can’t get enough of it! This season keeps me in a perpetually cheerful mood, it also helps that life has been genuinely terrific lately! I have a nasty habit of looking back a lot, often times I will compare my life presently to the way it was exactly a year ago…and while that isn’t the healthiest of habits…I have to say….my life is looking incredibly blessed compared to a year ago! And I’m so grateful for that!


My weekend was wonderfully relaxing and a bit productive!

I got the chance to do one of my best friends makeup for a wedding she was attending….I will be sharing those details later in the week!

I watched my Hawkeyes win, I laid around with my husband, put the finishing touches on a kitchen craft (I will also be sharing that!) and I applied another coat of stain to my parent’s back deck, daughter of the year??

Oh, and I helped mow the lawn! Wife of the year??? 😉

In addition to all of that I received a wonderful little blog surprise…I was nominated for my first Liebster Award! I have Kenzie from kenzie woods to thank for that!


For those of you who don’t know much about a Liebster Award…here are the basics.

It’s a Blogger to Blogger nominated award, given to bloggers with a smaller follower base in an attempt to recognize their work & talent and to spread the word!

Here are the rules associated with accepting this award:

1. Link to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer 10 questions given to you by your nominator.

3. Nominate 5-10 bloggers for the award.

6. List the 10 questions you would like those you nominated to answer.

7. Leave a comment on your nominees board about their award.

It is such an incredibly way for the blogging community to support one another and to recognize the talent, creativity and honesty that bloggers everywhere are contributing to the internet! Make my heart happy! So, here are the answers to the questions Kenzie requested I answer!

1. Why did you start writing a blog?

I started my first blog as an attempt to “keep it all straight.” I was in high school and I was in the thick of trying to grow up and I found that sometimes….writing things down helped me to assess and understand all of my mixed up sporadic thoughts. As I have gotten older I have looked toward my blog as more of a creative outlet, a place to express myself and a way to reach and connect with people I wouldn’t have “met” otherwise.

2. What is your favorite scent?

Hands down…vanilla. I. LOVE. VANILLA. Can’t get enough of it honestly, it would be unfair not to mention that Pumpkin Spice is a close runner up!

3. What is your dream vacation?

Greece. Thirty days, a fluent guide, my husband and an infinite amount of money to explore every inch of that place!

4. Favorite movie or TV show?

I have so many favorite TV shows…Walking Dead, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Modern Family…I could go on for days. My favorite movie is an easy one though…Almost Famous. Always has been and always will be my absolute favorite!

5. What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?

Detox bath, lots of candles and an insanely good playlist!

6. What’s your favorite creative outlet?

Definitely writing!! I’m always writing, jotting down thoughts in a journal, trying to put together poetry and of course sharing thoughts and tips on my blog. I find it to be the most accurate way to express myself!

7. What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?

It depends on the Saturday…

Some Saturdays it would be sitting on the patio of an excellent bar at a big round table filled with my friends and my love sipping on ice cold Coors Light and laughing our asses off.

On other Saturdays it would be curled up in a blanket fort with my love watching an entire season of a random TV show on Netflix.

8. What is is your go to pick-me-up when you’re feeling down?

A good run always helps! Or, I start making a list of all of things and people I am grateful for!

9. Heels or flats?
Wedges. 🙂
10. What has blogging given you, if anything?
A creative outlet, a constant source of motivation and lots of dark circles under my eyes from choosing to update instead of sleep! 😉

 I will be posting a separate post linking to my nominees and the questions I would like them to answer! I need a few more days to do some research! 🙂

Thanks again Kenzie and Happy Monday everyone!!

It always freaks me out when people ask for my advice in regard to anything, I mean…what if my recommendation, idea, etc. brings them nothing but disaster. I don’t like that kind of responsibility!

Obviously…this is something I have had to overcome as this blog has grown and developed. I’m finding that despite my hesitance to do so…most of my posts contain my advice, my input and certainly my opinion…and the truly wonderful people that read it have been *gasp* valuing my opinion and have had an exquisitely positive response!

That being said…the other day, when my older, wiser and all around more awesome aunt asked me  to provide my favorite Sephora finds…I have to say I was glowing! This is the woman who used to curl my hair, carefully apply makeup and let me pose with her cheerleading pom poms for some pictures! So, for her to value my opinion about anything, let alone this…it made me happy:) And because she is actually not the first person to ask me for my favorite beauty and makeup finds….I thought it was time that I share!


Let’s start with my absolute favorite member of my beauty product line-up…

1. They’re Real by Benefit. 

If this is the only thing you ever get from this blog…I will be okay with that. This mascara is worth every penny of the $23.00 they charge. I promise you. I like to think I have pretty great lashes but I have people literally gush about the way my lashes look when this is applied. Forget the false lashes, forget the irritating lash glue…go buy yourself a tube of this and live in bliss!

2. Naked by Urban Decay.

I bought this palette over a year ago and it has yet to fail me. The quality of shadow makes it easy to apply like a pro and every color in the palette compliments one another. Believe the hype…this stuff is fantastic. The only shadow pallet you will ever need!

3. Pro Palette by Lorac.

So, if Naked had a slightly younger, slightly less pretty sister…this would be it. Pro Palette has more shadow colors, but less of each color. There are more matte options in this palette as well. I really, really love it….it would be my absolute favorite…if the Naked Palette didn’t exist! 🙂

4. Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal Tint.

$22.00 for a tube of “chapstick” might seem like overkill….but, it’s not. This stuff is divine! The colorless version does enough to make your lips look full, healthy and moisturized…but, this particular color choice always makes them look the perfect amount of red. There are lots of other tint options but this one is by far my favorite and incidentally one of my first Sephora purchases!

5. Bahama Mama Bronzer. 

This you can’t get at Sephora…I know, bummer, but it is worth the trip somewhere else! I’m sure most of you have heard of the concept of highlighting and contouring the face! This, is the perfect bronzer for the contouring portion! It has a creamy, matte finish that creates the perfect contour!

6. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion.

I have tried a lot of primers…most via sample in my monthly Birchbox….but this one is the best. Seriously…just read the reviews!

7. Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream.

I don’t pretend to know all of the components that change between a CC cream, BB cream and tinted moisturizer. I just know that all of them are much more comfortable and nature to wear than any foundation I’ve tried. But out of all of the CC, BB and TF I’ve tried…this one is the best! Moisturizes, color corrects and creates a coverage that feels mostly like moisturizer! I adore it!

8. Kendra Dry Shampoo.

Unfortunately, another product you can’t snatch up at Sephora. I spent over a year trying to search out the perfect dry shampoo. One that made my hair look less greasy without giving it the white, cakey, dry, George Washington look. Finally, my angel of a hairstylist mentioned this stuff. It’s not cheap, but it takes a day old head of hair and makes it look fresh, glistening and clean! Best of all….it smells amazing!!

9. Purity Fash Wash by Philosophy.

You guys have heard me talk about this one before….it’s a staple and a cult favorite. Creamy, gentle but effective. I buy it bulk.

10. Urban Decay Blush in Fetish.

At first glance it looks garishly pink…but when applied to the skin it provides for the perfect flushed and glowing cheeks. This is a creamy blush that gives the appearance of almost a dewy glow! I love it and I was never a blush girl until I discovered this shade!

I hope you like my input and I would absolutely love to hear some of your favorites!!



Autumn Door

Wanna know something? I hope so, cause I’m going to tell you something, probably lots of somethings before we’re all through with this…but first things first!

I didn’t want to change my name after I got married, in fact, I contemplated not doing this at all!

My maiden name was Hayley Ann O’Hara…and I have been told by a number of people, both friends and strangers, that it is probably the most adorable name ever. But, that’s not the reason I didn’t want to change my name….I didn’t want to change it because my new name…Hayley Ann Grade would make my initials HAG. I’m now a hag. Silly, I know…but I’m the one that has to put up with it. Initials aside I have to say my new last name has been growing on me, mostly because I consider it an amazing gift that a guy as wonderful as my Andrew wanted to share it with me.

When I considered what I would replace my extremely summery wreath with for the fall season I guess you could say I was inspired by new last name. In years past I have always gone all out with the Halloween decorations…only to find myself stuck on November 1st, still fall…but not Halloween and not yet time for Christmas decor. So, this year I made a pact that the majority of my fall decor would be autumn themed as opposed to Halloween like.

I decided to begin with my front door accent, since I still cannot get enough of my blue door! 🙂

Since my happy little wreath has been hanging around all summer I thought I would take a step back from wreaths this season and really show Mr. Grade how much I am enjoying my new last name!

I wasn’t entirely sure there would be a wood letter as large as I was looking for; in fact, I anticipated having to venture online to find it. But, one quick trip to Hobby Lobby and I had everything I needed! The entire project cost me less than $40.00, but I already had the paint brushes I needed (those can add up!)

G Supplies

I had a very vague idea of what I wanted the letter to look like when finished. I knew I wanted an autumn theme that could last me until Christmas time, and I was imagining a chevron pattern or polka dots. Once I had my letter I browsed the store for autumn like paint colors and accents.


I think I stood in the paint aisle for forever! Again, I wanted autumn, not Halloween. I knew that I wanted the majority of the initial to be a white like color, but with the blue door, I was worried that too white and crisp would inspire a summer like theme…and I didn’t want that. I found a nice warm white called “Bleached Sand” and it really worked perfectly. Again, with the orange shade I didn’t want halloweeny, but I didn’t want a very summer like coral either….I found “Spiced Pumpkin” could it get any more perfect?? 🙂

The flowers were an added perk as they added a bit of dimension so the paint wasn’t in charge of carrying the whole thing.

I decided on some sturdy hemp rope to hang it with…which was a mistake. Stay tuned…

I figured the hardest part of this project would be drilling the holes into the letter in a way in which would allow the letter to hang straight….also, using a drill was a bit intimidating. I wish I had recorded the conversation when I called Andrew at work to ask him how to use his drill.

the drill

It went something like,

“What do you mean you need to use the drill? Well, do you know how to get the bit in there? No you need to push the button on the left. No! Don’t turn it toward your face! Just send me a picture so I can make sure its in there straight.” 

While he babbled I managed to get the bit in there and I was ready to drill.


I spent a lot of time measuring, and re-measuring before I drilled any holes. I was absolutely certain I was going to screw the whole thing up before I really even started.

Once I had my holes drilled (really wasn’t that big of deal Andrew….) I decided to string the hemp rope through and make sure that it hung the way I wanted it to on the door.

Well, this just in, when you cut hemp rope…it immediately unravels.

hemp rope

I tried burning it, I tried hot gluing it, I tried drilling it into the hole (probably not great for the drill….) no dice.

Finally, I decided to settle for using steel wire I had laying around from a previous project. Took away some of the warmth, but got the job done nonetheless!

steel wire

Finally, I was ready to paint!!

I set the letter up on cork board tacks for easy access and began painting.

first coat

After just one coat of the “Bleached Sand” paint I was already ecstatic about the color I chose.

After two coats and over an hour of drying I taped the letter to begin painting some simple diagonal stripes. I decided on stripes because Polka dots would be a bit too busy with the flowers and I thought maybe the Chevron pattern is a getting a bit….overdone….lately. 🙂

taped and ready to paint


I’m so aware this looks like a Broncos G! 😉

I painted two coats of the “Spiced Pumpkin” and I have to admit I was a bit alarmed with the way it contrasted against the blue…since my door is blue.

Once it dried and I removed the tape I added my flowery accents with a hot glue gun, attached my wire and hurried out to place it on the door.

And….I LOVE it.

Letter Door Accent for Autumn

It’s so cheerful without being too much! Not to mention it leaves me with plenty to add on the front porch to really give the house an autumn like feel! And while it certainly pulls from Broncos colors…I don’t think it does in an overwhelming way. Plus, we’re Broncos fans…we can handle it!

Autumn Door

I truly adore it! The first day I drove by just a couple of times to see what it looked like to the neighbors.

I hope you like it and I hope you’re inspired to start your autumn decor transition!

Are ya’ll ready for Part 2 of the Guide to Sephora series??

This truly is the fun part, promise!!!!

Guide to Sephora Part II

Once you have completed all of the research on the product you are considering purchasing then it is time to create a wish list.

There are multiple options for creating a wish list.

1. You could use a Pinterest board in which you have pinned the product of your choice.

2. You could create a wishlist using Sephora.com.

3. Or you could do it the old-fashioned way and write out your wish list. But…make it kinda cute at least!! 🙂

The most important aspect of this list….is to include the price of each product you are itching to buy! Keeping track of the price before you walk into the store will help you understand how much your current wish list will cost ya. If you’re like me, and on a beauty budget, then you will have to spread out your wish list purchases! Not as fun as full on shopping spree but certainly worth it when it comes to your finances.

Once you have that wish list then it is time to visit the store!!!

This may just be the most important thing I ever tell you….any full service Sephora store (not sure how those JC Penney outlets work) will offer free samples. I’m not talking one of those pre-packaged things you get in the mail…I mean real samples.

Be prepared…I’m getting out my soapbox.

When you go into that store, it is necessary for you to understand that any one product there is going to set you back at least $20.00. That means….that you are a valued customer and you have the right to try anything and everything before you buy it.

Ask them to color match you and try a sample of the foundation you love.

Make them apply that mocha colored shadow you think would look divine.

Ask for a sample of the night-time moisturizer you’ve been reading so much about it.

The point I’m trying to make is…there is no reason for you to be dropping a significant amount of money on a product you are not going to love.

After research, reviews and your very own sample…you should feel sure about your purchase.

Only after you have researched and sampled a product should you invest in it!

Go forth my wonderful readers, sample the hell out of Sephora!

Let me know what you love, what disappointed you and worse…if any Sephora locations gave you trouble about the samples!

Oy. Mondays never get easier. Actually, they might be getting worse. I’ll have to keep an eye on that.


This weekend was…fantastic. Truly! I learned an incredibly valuable lesson on Sunday: sometimes…..not showering, not changing out of your pajamas, not putting on an ounce of makeup and spending the day on the couch eating (a lot), watching football and playing Candy Crush is the most fun a 26-year-old young lady can have. Of course it helps that I had my adorable husband, who didn’t mind my lack of hygiene and 24 hour binge, to spend the day with! 🙂

Seriously though, I struggle with inactivity. I’m truly uncomfortable with a day in which nothing is accomplished no matter how ill, hungover or tired I might be.

I know that my husband was expecting me to pop out of bed no later than 8:30 am and begin manically listing off the things we need to accomplish between chugs of my Sugar-Free Red Bull. He was probably checking for a pulse at around 10:00 am when I had yet to budge. Finally, around 11:30 am I rolled over, looked at Andrew and said, “I want to eat, watch TV and not move today.” He was pleased, to say the least. And so, that is what we did.

Of course Sunday laziness of this magnitude would never have been possible if it were the insane amounts of fun Andrew and I had hosting a tailgate of sorts for the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. It was such a great day; chilly air, my favorite people, lots of yummy food and beverages and a win by my Hawkeyes!!

Here’s the wrap-up in pictures!

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It’s no secret that I like pictures…alright, full disclosure? I LOVE pictures, I’m obsessed with photographs and it is incredibly difficult for me to let a moment go by without capturing it on camera. And while some of my friends and loved ones probably find it incredibly annoying that I am interrupting stories, meals and concerts to snap a quick picture, I truly believe that some day they will thank me. Some day when our lives are no longer the way they are now everyone will be pleased that I captured that one time at that one place when we all did that one thing.

That being said, the majority of my pictures are captured on my beloved iPhone and very few are shared before they are edited or filtered in some flattering or creative way. Maybe I’m vain, maybe I’m a perfectionist or maybe I just find editing photographs to be extremely therapeutic; regardless, I have spent enough time in the App store and enough money downloading and eventually erasing photo apps to have some favorites. So, to save you time and money I thought I would share my favorites here!

1. Instagram.
(Simple Sharing)

Okay, I know…duh. But this photo app is truly the most basic when it comes to quick, appealing edits and sharing across several social networks at once. If you don’t currently use Instagram…then you need to start here!

PicMonkey Collageinstragram

2013-03-17 17.26.35

Substantial number of filters to choose from without being overwhelming!
Sharing available to almost every mainstream social network!
The relatively new video feature adds a little extra fun!

The classic square photo shape creates some restriction when cropping photos.
Hash-tags. Can we enforce a limit? Maybe 5 tops? #toomanyhashtags

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2. Camera+.
(Professional looking scenery)

It’s not free. Sorry. It starts at $1.99 with additional filter options for purchase, but…it’s worth it. When I take a picture of a fantastic sunset, an amazing view or a vibrant flower…I always use this app to edit. It takes my iPhone picture and gives me the ability to create a crisper, clearer, professional looking image.


Significant number of filter options included with base price.
Continuous updates and new filters added.
Option to use multiple filters within edit mode.

It’s not free.
Navigation between filter options is not as smooth as I would prefer.
Mutilple steps to saving the photo to iPhone photos, that annoys me.

3. PicsPlay Pro.
(When you want to look prettier)

I have to believe that people who meet me in real life after seeing my Facebook pictures, Instagram selfies, etc. are wondering if it’s the same chick. And once they realize it is the same chick…I imagine they are slightly disappointed. PicsPlay pro gives me the ability to smooth out my complexion, brighten my eyes and make me look all around much more attractive than I actually am. So, when I’m searching for a new profile picture I am always sure to run it through this app before posting it anywhere! Unfortunately, PicsPlay Pro knows how awesome it is and so it asks $3.99 to download. That’s practically $100 in the app world. Don’t want to spend $3.99?

Are you sure?

To make my point I am going to take a selfie right now, sitting in my bed, updating this blog.


2013-07-09 20.56.11


2013-07-09 20.56.11-2


So. Many. Filters.
Lots of beauty enhancement options!
Extremely easy to navigate between filters as well as compare filters.

It costs $3.99.
So. Many. Filters. How am I supposed to decide?
It causes people to think you are actually more attractive than you are which leads to eventual disappointment or embarrassment. 😉

4. A Beautiful Mess.
(Crafty, creative & decorative)

If you are a blog reading addict like me you are probably putting together that A Beautiful Mess is Elsie and Emma’s lifestyle blog (they are the most perfectly adorable human beings that I pretend to know)….they also have a photo editing app. So just imagine all of the wonderful things you have ever loved about their blog and imagine them creating the most perfect photo app. It’s charming to say the least. The app gives you very minimal filter options and instead provides unique borders, doodles, words and text that let you transform the way you share your photos!

2013-09-05 08.23.34

2013-09-11 19.46.14

Incredibly unique!
Appealing interface and incredibly user friendly!
It gives the user a platform to appear much more creative and crafty than the user might actually be (ahem).

It costs $0.99.
There are so many decorative options that if you’re not careful………….your picture will look like a 2-year-old’s art project. 🙂

I truly spend more time in my photo apps than I do on anything else on my phone. I love taking something ordinary and making it appealing and different! So, to me, a few bucks is worth an app (or 10!) that will help me to do that!

What about you? Any photo apps I’m missing out on?



Fridays are more fun when you don’t have to work on Saturdays..I’m learning this now.

Ah well, it is still a happy day!!

Some of my favorites…

1. Five things you need to stop doing on Facebook.

It’s funny, you’ll giggle.

2. Who Stole Miley’s Tongue?

Why can’t I be this clever? An entire blog dedicated to making fun of Miley’s tongue antics at the VMA’s.

This one is my favorite

THE BIEBS STOLE MILEY’S TONGUE!Collage by Colin Douglas Graywww.ilovecolingray.com


3. The Busy Girl’s Guide to Waking Up Pretty

Excellent blog post, excellent ideas. Read it!

4. Favorite eCard.


Obviously. Hate, HATE spiders!!

5. Favorite quote


Seriously accurate!!

I hope you all have a superb weekend! And I hope all of your favorite football teams win…unless those teams are the Nebraska Cornhuskers or the Iowa State Cyclones!! 😉


This is a continuance of the series, A Guide to Sephora, you can see the introduction here!

If you walk into Sephora unprepared…2 things are very likely to happen.

1. You’ll feel overwhelmed & inadequate and never want to come back again.


2. You’ll spend $600.00.


I don’t want either of those things to happen to you…unless you have $600 to spend…then go for it!! Grab me some goods too! 😉

The first thing you must decide is what you actually need to purchase…okay, want to purchase. If you already have a makeup routine based on drugstore products then it is really as simple as deciding which products you would prefer to try outside of the drugstore brands.

But, if you are absolutely, brand new to make-up and beauty products in general, I suggest you visit this blog for some great beginners tips…and then hurry up and get back here to learn how to conquer Sephora!

So, I’m a list making kind of gal, so let’s break this process down into steps shall we?

1. Understand what you need/want to purchase.

Take an inventory of your makeup & beauty collection and ask yourself some questions?

What am I not happy with?

What look/technique am I trying to accomplish that I can’t seem to with my current product?

What am I about to run out of?

What am I just plain tired of?

What is my skin reacting badly to?

After sorting through your current products you can get an idea of what you are actually after. If you are completely happy with the Cover Girl foundation you are using then there is absolutely no reason to upgrade, but if that eye liner never gives you a straight line…then check out your options!

2. Create a list of product types you want to explore further. 

For example, my list might look like:

CC Cream, BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer

Eye Liner


Eye Primer

If you just have no idea what you want I suggest subscribing to Birchbox…it’s like a magazine subscription except you are getting a bunch of samples every month based on your interests. It’s $10.00 a month and so much fun to find in the mail. Some of my favorite beauty products I discovered from trying something in my Birchbox!

3. Research, research and then research some more!!

This is the fun kind of research though, I promise!

Pinterest is an excellent resource, use the website as a search engine and search for each of the product types. Create a Pinterest board with some of your possibilities!

If you need some inspiration…I have a couple of beauty based boards…feel free to peruse! 😉

Make Me Pretty

Makeup Trends

Once you have fully exhausted Pinterest as a resource, head to Sephora.com and search there. Sephora is insistent about customer reviews, every time I purchase there I receive an email asking me to review the items that I bought. At first this annoyed me, but there is no better resource than other people who tried the same product you are considering. Most people’s reviews go beyond, “it was awesome!” or “i hated this stuff” and instead these people try to explain what went wrong. Use this information.

Beautylish.com is another excellent source. You can begin discussions in their Talk feature and ask other beauty enthusiasts for their opinions.

Once you finish all of this you will be more than prepared for the fun part…creating the wish list and sampling the product!

Do you guys know about Polyvore?

You should. It’s spectacular.

The website literally promotes creativity, specifically toward fashion, beauty and decor, but I think anyone, anywhere could find a fabulous way to use it!

I’ve been using it for almost a year for inspiration and just recently I’ve been using it to put together my little blog collages and I decided I must share the secret!

Go visit, check out my Polyvore profile, and follow if you’d like!

I love putting together outfit inspiration…most of the time using items I could never dream to afford, but it does help me get an eye for what certain elements will look like when combined. So, I can take that inspiration with me when I go shopping for clothes that I can actually afford! 😉


Pop of print
Casual Date Night
In addition to fashion, a lot of people use the website to create room decor inspiration as well as other artsy expression. Sometimes on a day I’m feeling blue…I will put together my own little digital inspiration board. Like this one..
I love it! Had to share!
Happy Hump Day!

Andrew and I live on opposite schedules Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. Thursday night is the only weeknight I actually have him home in the evening. This is an unfortunate situation for several reasons, the obvious being, lack of time together. But, it also has its perks, Thursday night is our official date night and we both look forward to it all week! On more than one occasion “date night” has turned into pitchers of beer at the bowling alley, or martinis and sushi, or drinks at Dave and Busters…sometimes its as simple as playing games, grilling out and drinking beer at home. There’s just something about our Thursdays together that often leads to party mode. We’re young…and we’re newlyweds, give us a break! 🙂

Needless to say, I have found myself on the receiving end of one to many Friday morning hangovers. And because I don’t have the luxury of not having to work until early afternoon (like my handsome husband) I have had to develop an efficient and effective way to fake a full night’s rest in an attempt to hide from my peers exactly how much fun I had the night before.

I think I’ve got it down if I do say so myself and because I know I’m not the only female who is interested in hiding a hangover….I thought I’d share.


I think the most important way to hide a hangover is to get as much sleep as possible. That means….the more efficient your routine the later you get to set that alarm!! I swear, just writing about this is making me sleepy…and making my head ache!

My hungover mornings looks something like this::

1. The very minute my alarm goes off I am reaching for the Advil and big glass of water I already placed next to my bed the night before. The advil goes down along with the entire glass of water!

2. I head straight for the kitchen, there I drop a couple of Alka Seltzer into another glass of water and chug, chug, chug. Advil & Alka will solve any aches and pains as well as any potential nausea or backlash your stomach may be giving you.

3. Next, I reach in the freezer and whip out two good sized ice cubes. I rub each of these gently across my face, focusing on the area around my eyes and my cheeks. This is what I like to call an ice cube facial and it is by far one of my favorite beauty tricks!

4. I follow that by perusing the fridge for my Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll on for puffy eyes. Keeping it in the fridge only promotes its cooling and soothing action!

After another water re-fill (we’re on glass 3 now people!) I head back to my bathroom.

5. Obviously I’m not going to have time to wash my hair. It happens. So I add a good mixture of baby powder and batiste dry shampoo until I feel it can pass for recently cleansed hair.

6. Visine, two drops, both eyes. Red eyes is the most obvious sign off too much fun. Eliminate them.

7. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this but…FLOSS, brush and rinse with Listerine. The cleaner the teeth and mouth the better you’ll feel…and the less likely you’ll smell like what you drank last night.

8. I plop a shower cap on my fake clean hair and take a shower, a cold one, I don’t mean cool, I mean cold water. I mean “I might not make it through this” cold. I’m talking “I can barely breathe” cold, go ahead and wash your face in that cold water while you’re at it. Reducing puffiness and swelling is the easiest way to look rested, healthy and well. Not to mention…this will wake you up!

9. I put my pretend clean hair back or in braids, I brush on a simple makeup look.

10. I fake a smile.

It works. Do I look hungover to you??


This was the morning after more margaritas than any 5′ 4″ girl should be drinking.


The white not blood shot eyes always, always make a difference! Obviously, concealer under those eyes plays a big part as well.


I’m faking that smile.

And just a note…this routine can be used on days in which you’re feeling under the weather due to allergies, flu and cold. The same concepts apply!

Drink responsibly? 😉