Well, it’s cold out. Like, really cold..and windy….and bedtime feels like 6 o’clock because the sun abandoned us at five.

What I’m trying to say is I’m already dreading winter.

On the bright side…a new season and new weather means a change in my beauty routine. Which means…an excuse to shop! 😉

So, if you’re wondering what to buy to make the transition into winter just a bit easier on your skin and look then you’re going to love this edition of “On My List.”

Fall Winter Beauty Must Haves

1. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
Preferably in one of their shades of dark red! It’s officially time to transition from glossed lips and pink shimmer to a much more bold lip. The Nars lip pencil doubles as a liner and lipstick but is moisturizing enough to keep lips healthy through the colder months!

2. Dior Cleansing Water
I’m a firm believed in washing my face both in the morning and at night. Unfortunately, with the dry, frigid air that accompanies this time of year scrubbing twice a day can cause dry, unhealthy skin. So, a few nights a week I like to swap out my nightly scrub with Dior Cleansing Water. A little bit on a kleenex gently removes the day’s makeup and grime and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean!

3. Nest Hand Lotion
It’s officially “wash your hands every chance you get so you don’t catch that nasty cold from your co-workers” season. If you’re going to be washing them all day and following up with lotion it might as well be a lotion that smells as divine as this one does. I love to carry one around in my purse!

4. Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo
Unless you want a dry, frizzy mess it is impossible to wash your hair every day. Which is why I try to skip a day by freshening up with my favorite dry shampoo!

5. Pursonic Humidifier
Unless you live in the jungle…I absolutely advise that you do not sleep without a humidifier this time of year. This one gives you plenty of control over your settings and offers both warm and cold moisture.

6. Josie Maran Argan Oil Serum
No matter how many days between washes your hair will always need a little extra moisture. This Argan oil is my favorite – just seems more workable than the others!

7. Philosophy Hope in a Jar
I’m going on year four of using this face moisturizer. I have been absolutely unable to find another one that moisturizes as well as this does…without feeling too heavy. I use it both morning at night this time of year!

8. Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint
The perfect balm to freshen up those bold lip colors throughout the day as well as adding some much needed moisturizer.

9. Hempz Original Moisturizer
For all over moisture this is my absolutely favorite. Smells like heaven! Repairs and moisturizes! Feels light and airy!

10. Julep Cuticle Oil
Even if you are one who gets regular manicures I would recommend dabbing on cuticle oil nightly! Again, with all of the hand washing we do during this season the cuticles get completely dried out and the hand lotion can only do so much!

What did I miss? What’s on your list?!