It always freaks me out when people ask for my advice in regard to anything, I mean…what if my recommendation, idea, etc. brings them nothing but disaster. I don’t like that kind of responsibility!

Obviously…this is something I have had to overcome as this blog has grown and developed. I’m finding that despite my hesitance to do so…most of my posts contain my advice, my input and certainly my opinion…and the truly wonderful people that read it have been *gasp* valuing my opinion and have had an exquisitely positive response!

That being said…the other day, when my older, wiser and all around more awesome aunt asked me  to provide my favorite Sephora finds…I have to say I was glowing! This is the woman who used to curl my hair, carefully apply makeup and let me pose with her cheerleading pom poms for some pictures! So, for her to value my opinion about anything, let alone this…it made me happy:) And because she is actually not the first person to ask me for my favorite beauty and makeup finds….I thought it was time that I share!


Let’s start with my absolute favorite member of my beauty product line-up…

1. They’re Real by Benefit. 

If this is the only thing you ever get from this blog…I will be okay with that. This mascara is worth every penny of the $23.00 they charge. I promise you. I like to think I have pretty great lashes but I have people literally gush about the way my lashes look when this is applied. Forget the false lashes, forget the irritating lash glue…go buy yourself a tube of this and live in bliss!

2. Naked by Urban Decay.

I bought this palette over a year ago and it has yet to fail me. The quality of shadow makes it easy to apply like a pro and every color in the palette compliments one another. Believe the hype…this stuff is fantastic. The only shadow pallet you will ever need!

3. Pro Palette by Lorac.

So, if Naked had a slightly younger, slightly less pretty sister…this would be it. Pro Palette has more shadow colors, but less of each color. There are more matte options in this palette as well. I really, really love it….it would be my absolute favorite…if the Naked Palette didn’t exist! 🙂

4. Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal Tint.

$22.00 for a tube of “chapstick” might seem like overkill….but, it’s not. This stuff is divine! The colorless version does enough to make your lips look full, healthy and moisturized…but, this particular color choice always makes them look the perfect amount of red. There are lots of other tint options but this one is by far my favorite and incidentally one of my first Sephora purchases!

5. Bahama Mama Bronzer. 

This you can’t get at Sephora…I know, bummer, but it is worth the trip somewhere else! I’m sure most of you have heard of the concept of highlighting and contouring the face! This, is the perfect bronzer for the contouring portion! It has a creamy, matte finish that creates the perfect contour!

6. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion.

I have tried a lot of primers…most via sample in my monthly Birchbox….but this one is the best. Seriously…just read the reviews!

7. Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream.

I don’t pretend to know all of the components that change between a CC cream, BB cream and tinted moisturizer. I just know that all of them are much more comfortable and nature to wear than any foundation I’ve tried. But out of all of the CC, BB and TF I’ve tried…this one is the best! Moisturizes, color corrects and creates a coverage that feels mostly like moisturizer! I adore it!

8. Kendra Dry Shampoo.

Unfortunately, another product you can’t snatch up at Sephora. I spent over a year trying to search out the perfect dry shampoo. One that made my hair look less greasy without giving it the white, cakey, dry, George Washington look. Finally, my angel of a hairstylist mentioned this stuff. It’s not cheap, but it takes a day old head of hair and makes it look fresh, glistening and clean! Best of all….it smells amazing!!

9. Purity Fash Wash by Philosophy.

You guys have heard me talk about this one before….it’s a staple and a cult favorite. Creamy, gentle but effective. I buy it bulk.

10. Urban Decay Blush in Fetish.

At first glance it looks garishly pink…but when applied to the skin it provides for the perfect flushed and glowing cheeks. This is a creamy blush that gives the appearance of almost a dewy glow! I love it and I was never a blush girl until I discovered this shade!

I hope you like my input and I would absolutely love to hear some of your favorites!!