….or not do it.

I used to think of the word “anxiety” was attached to all sorts of negative connotations; I was absolutely obsessive about avoiding anyone associating the word anxiety with me…because, you know, I was anxious.

These days, I realize that so many more people understand what it’s like to be “anxious” (for the record I encourage every single one of you to do your own research on anxiety because there are so many different versions, symptoms, etc.) and I am much more comfortable admitting to those I feel friendly with that I’m feeling anxious or that I am suffering from anxiety. Some of you, though, have managed to avoid anxiety OR you have no idea you are suffering from it – so, I thought it might be helpful to put together a quick list.

5 Behaviors People Don’t Understand Stem From Your Anxiety:

1. Decline invites even though you may want to go.
There are certain days, trips, events, etc. that you have been planning for months or hours but, when they come anxiety takes up the whole space. It can become so debilitating that a person truly feels ill or lacks the energy to partake in the planned event.

While you are aware of what is happening to you, those around you or those you have made plans with lack to understand. Many times you are left feeling even more anxious because you now take on the burden of their disappointment along with your own.

2. Obsess Over Things That Seem Trivial To Everyone Else:

A simple word, a misunderstood glance or the wrong tone of voice can send someone with anxiety spiraling to the very worst thought. What’s worse, that person can exist there for hours, day and sometimes even weeks.

Obsessing over conversations, decisions, gestures or misspoken words for long lengths of time is extremely common in those who suffer from anxiety. The fact that you are even noticing, yet focusing, on such things only increases the anxious feeling.

3. Have Irregular Sleep Patterns

Often times, anxious feelings keep anxious people awake all night; at the same time an anxious person sometimes only finds solace in sleep – while their mind finally rests. Because of this, anxious people tend to experience extremely irregular sleep patterns.

Sometimes, they lay awake with racing thoughts; other times, they seek sleep to escape those same thoughts. Regardless, the lack of sleep regularity can only intensify the symptoms of anxiety.

4. In Every Situation, The Worst Scenario Is Your Biggest Thought:

Instead of enjoying the moment as is it, you can’t help picturing and convincing yourself that the worst scenario is inevitable. If it’s a first date, you are convinced that something will go terrible wrong.

If you get sick, you always manage to connect the symptoms to the worst disease you can imagine. It’s as if your mind tricks you into believing that nothing can go right.

5. You Replay Conversations In Your Head – Over & Over Again:

Oh man. This one is exhausting. It is worse when it’s a text or email because you can actually torture yourself by reading said interaction on repeat. You convince yourself that you said something wrong and you repeatedly punish yourself with that feeling by revisiting the conversation. Often times, the other individual didn’t even acknowledge whatever it is in the conversation that is causing you anxiety.

The fact of the matter is that anxiety can affect your life in an unnatural, frustrating and sometimes debilitating way. 

Most of the time, doctors will try to prescribe a pill of some sort – whether it be longterm (Lexapro) or an addictive quick fix (Xanax). Both options have severe and sometimes dangerous side effects.

Luckily, relief can be found in the natural use of Essential Oils. I discovered an enormous amount of relief in all Young Living Essential Oils in fact, there is such a combination of essential oils that eases anxiety and panic attacks so affectively that it’s been given the term “Liquid Xanax”. It works. Apply to your feet, behind your ears & on your wrists and watch it change your life.

Here is the recipe for Young Living Essential Oils “Liquid Xanax”.