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It’s no secret that I like pictures…alright, full disclosure? I LOVE pictures, I’m obsessed with photographs and it is incredibly difficult for me to let a moment go by without capturing it on camera. And while some of my friends and loved ones probably find it incredibly annoying that I am interrupting stories, meals and concerts to snap a quick picture, I truly believe that some day they will thank me. Some day when our lives are no longer the way they are now everyone will be pleased that I captured that one time at that one place when we all did that one thing.

That being said, the majority of my pictures are captured on my beloved iPhone and very few are shared before they are edited or filtered in some flattering or creative way. Maybe I’m vain, maybe I’m a perfectionist or maybe I just find editing photographs to be extremely therapeutic; regardless, I have spent enough time in the App store and enough money downloading and eventually erasing photo apps to have some favorites. So, to save you time and money I thought I would share my favorites here!

1. Instagram.
(Simple Sharing)

Okay, I know…duh. But this photo app is truly the most basic when it comes to quick, appealing edits and sharing across several social networks at once. If you don’t currently use Instagram…then you need to start here!

PicMonkey Collageinstragram

2013-03-17 17.26.35

Substantial number of filters to choose from without being overwhelming!
Sharing available to almost every mainstream social network!
The relatively new video feature adds a little extra fun!

The classic square photo shape creates some restriction when cropping photos.
Hash-tags. Can we enforce a limit? Maybe 5 tops? #toomanyhashtags

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2. Camera+.
(Professional looking scenery)

It’s not free. Sorry. It starts at $1.99 with additional filter options for purchase, but…it’s worth it. When I take a picture of a fantastic sunset, an amazing view or a vibrant flower…I always use this app to edit. It takes my iPhone picture and gives me the ability to create a crisper, clearer, professional looking image.


Significant number of filter options included with base price.
Continuous updates and new filters added.
Option to use multiple filters within edit mode.

It’s not free.
Navigation between filter options is not as smooth as I would prefer.
Mutilple steps to saving the photo to iPhone photos, that annoys me.

3. PicsPlay Pro.
(When you want to look prettier)

I have to believe that people who meet me in real life after seeing my Facebook pictures, Instagram selfies, etc. are wondering if it’s the same chick. And once they realize it is the same chick…I imagine they are slightly disappointed. PicsPlay pro gives me the ability to smooth out my complexion, brighten my eyes and make me look all around much more attractive than I actually am. So, when I’m searching for a new profile picture I am always sure to run it through this app before posting it anywhere! Unfortunately, PicsPlay Pro knows how awesome it is and so it asks $3.99 to download. That’s practically $100 in the app world. Don’t want to spend $3.99?

Are you sure?

To make my point I am going to take a selfie right now, sitting in my bed, updating this blog.


2013-07-09 20.56.11


2013-07-09 20.56.11-2


So. Many. Filters.
Lots of beauty enhancement options!
Extremely easy to navigate between filters as well as compare filters.

It costs $3.99.
So. Many. Filters. How am I supposed to decide?
It causes people to think you are actually more attractive than you are which leads to eventual disappointment or embarrassment. 😉

4. A Beautiful Mess.
(Crafty, creative & decorative)

If you are a blog reading addict like me you are probably putting together that A Beautiful Mess is Elsie and Emma’s lifestyle blog (they are the most perfectly adorable human beings that I pretend to know)….they also have a photo editing app. So just imagine all of the wonderful things you have ever loved about their blog and imagine them creating the most perfect photo app. It’s charming to say the least. The app gives you very minimal filter options and instead provides unique borders, doodles, words and text that let you transform the way you share your photos!

2013-09-05 08.23.34

2013-09-11 19.46.14

Incredibly unique!
Appealing interface and incredibly user friendly!
It gives the user a platform to appear much more creative and crafty than the user might actually be (ahem).

It costs $0.99.
There are so many decorative options that if you’re not careful………….your picture will look like a 2-year-old’s art project. 🙂

I truly spend more time in my photo apps than I do on anything else on my phone. I love taking something ordinary and making it appealing and different! So, to me, a few bucks is worth an app (or 10!) that will help me to do that!

What about you? Any photo apps I’m missing out on?