About one year ago, I was perusing Pinterest (what a surprise!) and I discovered the magic of the Love Is… comics written by Kim Casali and drawn by Bill Asprey. I had spotted them periodically over the years posted in the paper but I had never had access to so many at one time! If you’re not familiar with them then your life must be void of all meaning…I’m kidding, but really….you’re in for a treat. 6 days a week (they take Sundays off) these comics are posted on a website called GoComics; the premise of these comics is a short and endearing way to describe what constitutes “love” paired with an illustration that makes the whole thing extra adorable. Usually a man and women…sometimes children too…oh, and they’re always naked, which is strange when I see it written out like that. But look at me, I am so far from the point.

When I discovered these comics were accessible virtually I began emailing Andrew one for every day of the week. I try to stick with ones that are applicable to our relationship. I found it a quick but meaningful way to let him know that he’s on my mind and a nice reminder that I love him, despite any bickering, or lack of sleep or a budget busting shopping trip I had taken the day before… 🙂

Since it has been a year since I began sending these (almost) every day! I thought I would share some of my favorites.

Love is…

My Andrew...




Reminds me of the lake home :-)

All the time...

That's me! :-)


Love Is...

The truth is…this started out as something I did for Andrew, but it became a nice reminder for both of us of how lucky we are to be in love with each other, to have another person who cherishes, cares, worries for and adores us. Which is why, even smack dab in the middle of a huge fight, I don’t hesitate to send him a quick reminder of all of the wonderful things we get to share and all of the amazing things we have to look forward to….

someday... :)

Merry Christmas~ 😉