For some reason…out of all the tasks I have had to tackle in regard to Andrew and I’s wedding the Engagement pictures seemed especially daunting. I know everyone says…a picture is worth a thousand words and while I would normally smack anyone who even uttered that cliche in my presence I tend to believe that in the engagement picture world…that cliche could not be more accurate.

An engagement session is meant to capture a love story, an aspect of that couple that most don’t regularly get to see. You are supposed to look at those pictures and feel absolutely certain that both halves of that union have found “the one”. Seems like it should be simple, mindless and natural and maybe it is….for some.

You see, most couples fall in love like this:

engagement Engagement pictures

And this

Engagement Session Seattle Library #engagement  #engagement

And sometimes like this:


Andrew and I’s love story isn’t quite so charming and neither are our photogenic qualities, because our love story looks a lot like this:

And this:


Always this…

A lot of this

So much of this

And not enough of this

While our relationship has so many strong points are portraits are not one of them.

Needless to say, I’m concerned. I knew that posing Andrew and I in a meadow with a picnic basket wasn’t going to cut it. The pictures would come out awkward, strained and unattractive. I needed to find a way to represent our relationship in the most natural and relaxed way possible.

So, about 2 months ago I began my research. Andrew and I don’t go on romantic picnics (though we should) we don’t wander around downtown Omaha (unless we are intoxicated) and we don’t peruse old used book stores (Andrew doesn’t even read). I felt like forcing a picture of Andrew and I standing next to an old barn while staring wistfully into each others eyes would just not result in a decent photograph.

I think I’ve made myself clear.

Lucky for us…I think I’ve come up with a solution. Unlucky for you…I’m not telling you what that solution is until the pictures are done and then I will share here 😉