Life is so fucking weird.

If there is one thing I learned in 2014…it’s that. Life is weird, and what’s worse? Is it, or God, or whatever higher power you might believe in is absolutely calling the shots. You are not really in control of hardly anything.

Kind of a horrible feeling, amiright?

There is one thing, though…I feel like we have all been granted control of. Telling the people we care about…just how much we care about them while they are here, in our lives or on this planet.

I have always been an “I love you” girl. I grew up in a family that said it every time one of us exited a room. And I love that about myself. I love to tell people how much they matter, I love to make it clear to those in my life how important their presence is for my existence. But even with this sort of mentality…I forget. I forget how much a person might need to hear it. I take for granted the fact that someone should just know how much I love them.

This year I learned that you can’t predict the last time. You have absolutely no idea when the last time you talk to someone might be…people are separated every day; by death, by distance, by loss, by dreams, by goals, by choices.

So, today…tell them. All of those people that are still in your life, all of those souls that still circle your perimeter and matter….tell them so. Let them know.

Don’t play games with your significant other, don’t wait for your friend to reach out to you, don’t ignore your mom’s call while you’re on the phone with someone else…or right in the middle of your favorite TV show.

So, I guess this is my New Year’s Eve post…make your resolutions. Lose that weight, sleep more, read more, floss your teeth, but most of all…pick up the phone, take out a piece of paper, open a damn Facebook message and make it a habit to tell the important people just how important they are. It is a privilege to have them in your life…act like it.

Here’s to 2015!