For those of you who hadn’t heard…2014 hasn’t been my easiest year. Like, at all.

Unfortunately, this blog suffered because of it. I spent a lot of time writing for myself…instead of everyone else…and I just never found much inspiration to post here.

I’ve missed it immensely. I’ve missed the chance to interact with my readers and my followers. I’ve missed reading your comments and your emails and your advice. This space makes me happy. So I want to come back to it. Permanently.

Everyone waits for January 1st to “start over”. I think that’s silly. I believe in starting over any damn time you want! 😉 So, I will.

I’m going to have a “blog relaunch” of sorts. I want this blog to be something different…maybe “different” is the wrong word…I want it to be something “more”. I want to share more of myself…not just the things I love (oh heyyy…all things makeup!). I want to write, really write – I want to affect people with my words. 

I won’t blab any longer…just expect a “new” blog and a “new” post October 6th!