Good Morning! Happy Wednesday!

I’m super excited this morning because I’m finally getting around to sharing with all of you something I’ve been trying out myself for the last couple of months; I guess you would call it a little bit of a “positivity challenge”.

Each week, for the past several weeks, I come up with just one positive task I can do each day of that week to make my week better, more productive and all around a happier experience.

So far, the weeks in which I have stuck to my pre-determined schedule, I can say for a fact have been better weeks than those in which I have missed days or…ignored it completely! 🙁

I was telling a friend about this little adventure and she insisted that I should be sharing it with others, and just like that a new blog series was born! This is  extra exciting because I will have something to bring to the blog at least once a week – and since one of my resolutions for the year was to blog more (which I’ve been failing at miserably)…this is the perfect solution!!

Here’s how it works: every week stop by here and check out the schedule for the following week (Monday-Sunday).  Pin the image or save it to your phone and use it as a guide to write down in your planner, journal or add to you calendar digitally. Each day will have a theme and each theme will have a suggested task but feel free to insert a task more applicable for you! Perform the task each day – if you’re a social media addict like me and want to capture it then pretty please tag me @loveblisscoffee or #loveblisspositivity…you can also follow my week of tasks in my Instagram story if you’d like!

A few things I want to point out that I have learned since starting this:

  1. Keep the tasks for each day simple & quick. This is an opportunity to make yourself feel good not to set yourself up for failure. We are all busy and bogged down; adding an extensive task to your day won’t help (i.e. “clean out and organize the entire pantry” instead, try “clean out and organize one shelf of the pantry)
  2. Try to make the tasks as fun as possible. (i.e. Organizing 30 pictures in your digital picture file is a little bit more fun than cleaning out/organizing your email inbox) These are tasks that are supposed to add some fun & accomplishment to your week or tasks you know you won’t get to on your usual “chore days”…hopefully that makes sense.
  3. Get your family involved! Make it a quick bonding activity with your kids or significant other – if you can complete a task outside while the weather is beautiful…even better!

Check out the schedule below! We’ll be starting on Monday October 1st! Can’t wait to share this with all of you! x,Hayley