Here’s the thing about me…I’m always looking for the next step, the next adventure…the next logical decision to make. For example…I met Andrew, and I had to have him…and once he was “mine”, I had to make him fall in love with me…and once he loved me I needed him to be my husband. And now, here we are…’til death do us part….I guess you could say I’m pretty good at what I do. 😉 This is pretty much the way all aspects of my life have progressed. So, the question is…what now? Andrew and I have the house, the careers, some pretty wonderful dreams & goals…and we have each other. I think that it is finally time for Andrew and I to just exist, with each other. After a few very whirlwind years, I am so excited to have some serious couch time, lots of date nights and nights out with friends.

So, you’re probably wondering….why the new blog, why the new blog name? I’ve got an answer for that, I’m not sure if its a good one. While my quest for finding the perfect partner in life may have finally come to a rest…my quest for the perfect job….has not. After months and months…..and months of Tweeting, Facebooking, emailing and all around stalking my favorite (and well known) lifestyle blogger she finally took a look at Young, Lovely & Mean, and…..she really liked it!! At least, that’s what she told me…and after I expressed my interest in making writing (of some sort) my career, she promised her input in helping me create a blog that would get me the sort of interest I need.

She explained that my greatest contribution to blogging and writing is my voice, not my actual voice-we’ve never actually spoken-but the “voice” that comes out in my prose, the voice that is so utterly me. I think a lot of that has to do with my honesty, not just my willingness to share my life, but also my desire to share my weaknesses, fears and my less than sane outlook on life 😉 So, I am supposed to keep “the voice”…but according to her, that voice, is in serious need of some photographs, a platform update and some consistency.

So, my first step was to pull my blog hosting from and self-host my blog using…two very different things and really not worth explaining. That was an adventure, it took a lot of trial and error and lots of late nights in front of the computer with a glass of La Crema and blood shot eyes. But here I am….with a functioning and somewhat attractive blog layout (I have a graphic designer working on the logo and other things…) I changed the blog name, not at the suggestion of my new mentor, but because I believed I had grown out of the old one. I considered the direction of the blog…which is essentially a day to day lifestyle blog (you won’t find fashion here…) and I wanted to find a title that sums up the majority of my days. Lots of love, lots of bliss and a shit load of coffee 😉 It makes sense.

I guess the next step is to…blog, frequently and consistently. Take pictures of my sometimes entertaining, often ridiculous but always beautiful life and put it all on here…and hope that people will want to read it and follow me. My last blog had approximately 600 hits on a day in which a new post was shared…according to my mystery mentor I need to be in the thousands if not hundreds of thousands before I will be presented with the kind of opportunities I am looking for.

Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? Eh. I could end up investing a lot of time, a little money and the remainder of my sanity into a project that turns into nothing…but, I love an adventure, I love real, heartfelt effort and I really don’t mind failing a few times.