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I need to tell you something…

I’m not a real big fan of New Year’s Resolutions.

Sometimes…I feel like people use the new year as an excuse to put off a goal, a change or a decision that really should be made immediately. It becomes a “New Years Resolution” and you sit on it until January 1st. And then, you expect the new years magic to take it and make it happen…and when it doesn’t (because, spoiler alert, there is no “New Years Magic”) said resolution sits in resolution purgatory and you become sad.

See where I’m going with this?

So, I suppose my purpose for writing this post now is…that people are looking for stuff like this; but please remember that recognizing the need for a change, an improvement, something new…etc. should spur immediate action!

While I am not, by any means, a goal reaching expert…I’ve set and failed to reach hundreds of them! But, I have found, that those I have reached have all shared the same tactics. So, here’s a few suggestions on setting and reaching your goals!

1. Tie your wish, desire, want, etc. to a tangible & measurable goal. 

There is a huge, HUGE difference between I want to be healthier vs. “I want to lose 15 lbs.” or “I want to stop drinking pop.” or “I want to spend 3 days a week in the gym.” Wishing for success is useless until you tie it to a goal, “I will get a degree.” “I will find a new job.” “I will devote 3 more hours per week to my current position.”

See where I am going with this? It is impossible to resolve to “be healthier” what does that even mean? You owe it to yourself to define your goals and your visions instead of throwing out an ambiguous desire!!

2. Write it down. 

Type it up, script it out, tape it to your mirror, stick it on your fridge, go out and buy yourself some puff paint and craft it onto an old t-shirt for all I care! Just get it down…were you can see it -preferably every day! And then….read it every day! Take a quick second to remind yourself of what you want and how you’re getting it.

A daily reminder will prevent you from falling out of touch with your goal as well as remind you of why you might be making certain sacrifices or enduring something difficult.

3. Create a vision board. 

Vision boards rock. Truly, they do.

There are SO MANY creative and fun ways to express your vision -and that board will serve as a constant (&inspiring) reminder of what you hope to accomplish. I have multiple…mostly because they are just so damn fun to make! 🙂

If you need some inspiration::I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to vision boards.

Just a note- the irony of the fact that I have a “vision board” dedicated to vision boards is not lost on me.

4. Make changes. 

Setting a goal is not and should not be permanent.

We’re humans…we change our minds, we discover and learn and sometimes we find that our goal might need a few adjustments! When you feel like your journey to change might need a little change that does not indicate failure!

Just be sure you are making the change for the right reason! Don’t switch things up because something became “too hard” or “took too long.”

5. Don’t obsess. 

Having a vision and a goal in which you truly desire will sometimes require sacrifice, extreme effort and willpower; but this does not give you the right to “obsess”.

Can’t tell if you’re obsessing? Ask your significant other, your best friend and maybe your co-workers.

This is supposed to be fun, an adventure and an incredible journey. NOT the opportunity for you to beat yourself up over wasted time or setbacks.

This past October I decided that I would reach my goal weight within the year. That meant 20 more lbs to lose. I created a plan and stuck to it rigidly for 3 weeks with amazing results but far too many sacrifices! And then, one Thursday evening while out with my husband I drank a beer and shared his nachos with him. We were having a lovely evening…until I started mentally calculating every calorie I started consuming….and then I threw a legit fit. After crying, pouting and destroying the evening I realized I was going to have to find a way to approach this with a little less obsession.

Creating the life you want…it’s not an easy thing, but making changes and moving forward should always be, at the least, exciting and fulfilling. Consistent misery, out of control obsession and a lack of life should never be a part of the equation!

You should be having a little fun with it!