As most of you, if you pay any attention at all, have realized…this is not my usual blog Hayley’s Comment. Sorry, but sometimes life changes and your blogging patterns just have to change right along with it! So I would like to present Young, Lovely & A Little Bit Mean…my take on “engagement bliss”. Those of you who know me and/or followed Hayley’s Comment are well aware that I am honest, sometimes too honest. Life, especially my life, is just too funny not to share the details. The details involving Andrew and I’s newly engaged status and the ordeal of putting on a wedding deserved their own special here it is! A blog dedicated to the arguments, embarrassments, good & bad days, and everything else that goes into putting a lot of money, time and emotion into one day.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the title…Young, Lovely & A Little Bit Mean. Shortly after getting engaged I was at the Nail Spa for a manicure. The woman filing away at my nails spoke very little English but she did notice and compliment me (I think?) on my ring. I said thank you but my mind was fixated on the little boy running around the nail spa with a Fun Dip. Who brings your kid to the nail spa? Who gives your kid pure sugar? He was getting awfully close to my Coach purse and I didn’t like it. “It’s always better to marry young.” The woman interrupted my thoughts again. This perked my interest, “oh, you think so?” I asked. “Ohhh yes, young and lovely.” She said nodding at me. I had already decided she was going to get a wonderful tip when the little guy paused to stand right next to me. What…the…f…? I tried to look over my shoulder for his mother but the lady had a firm grip on both of my hands. The boy stared at me for a minute before I turned to him, “do you need something?” I thought I asked in the nicest tone I could muster. “I think your MEAN.” He said managing to spit little specks of blue fun dip in my face as he finished “mean” much louder than necessary. That was when his mother wobbled over in those foam flip-flops, grabbed his hand and proceeded to give me a dirty look. I was a bit ruffled, I mean..I didn’t really do anything? I guess I was a little bit mean…most people would have said something cheerful or commented on his blue mouth. By the end of the manicure I had stewed enough to decide that the kid was right…I am mean, at least a little bit…but I was keeping the young and lovely compliment. 🙂

It wasn’t until today…when I tried to picture the next 495 days of my engagement that I remembered that story…and for some reason “Young, Lovely & A Little Bit Mean” seemed to wrap it up nicely.