Andrew and I live on opposite schedules Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. Thursday night is the only weeknight I actually have him home in the evening. This is an unfortunate situation for several reasons, the obvious being, lack of time together. But, it also has its perks, Thursday night is our official date night and we both look forward to it all week! On more than one occasion “date night” has turned into pitchers of beer at the bowling alley, or martinis and sushi, or drinks at Dave and Busters…sometimes its as simple as playing games, grilling out and drinking beer at home. There’s just something about our Thursdays together that often leads to party mode. We’re young…and we’re newlyweds, give us a break! 🙂

Needless to say, I have found myself on the receiving end of one to many Friday morning hangovers. And because I don’t have the luxury of not having to work until early afternoon (like my handsome husband) I have had to develop an efficient and effective way to fake a full night’s rest in an attempt to hide from my peers exactly how much fun I had the night before.

I think I’ve got it down if I do say so myself and because I know I’m not the only female who is interested in hiding a hangover….I thought I’d share.


I think the most important way to hide a hangover is to get as much sleep as possible. That means….the more efficient your routine the later you get to set that alarm!! I swear, just writing about this is making me sleepy…and making my head ache!

My hungover mornings looks something like this::

1. The very minute my alarm goes off I am reaching for the Advil and big glass of water I already placed next to my bed the night before. The advil goes down along with the entire glass of water!

2. I head straight for the kitchen, there I drop a couple of Alka Seltzer into another glass of water and chug, chug, chug. Advil & Alka will solve any aches and pains as well as any potential nausea or backlash your stomach may be giving you.

3. Next, I reach in the freezer and whip out two good sized ice cubes. I rub each of these gently across my face, focusing on the area around my eyes and my cheeks. This is what I like to call an ice cube facial and it is by far one of my favorite beauty tricks!

4. I follow that by perusing the fridge for my Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll on for puffy eyes. Keeping it in the fridge only promotes its cooling and soothing action!

After another water re-fill (we’re on glass 3 now people!) I head back to my bathroom.

5. Obviously I’m not going to have time to wash my hair. It happens. So I add a good mixture of baby powder and batiste dry shampoo until I feel it can pass for recently cleansed hair.

6. Visine, two drops, both eyes. Red eyes is the most obvious sign off too much fun. Eliminate them.

7. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this but…FLOSS, brush and rinse with Listerine. The cleaner the teeth and mouth the better you’ll feel…and the less likely you’ll smell like what you drank last night.

8. I plop a shower cap on my fake clean hair and take a shower, a cold one, I don’t mean cool, I mean cold water. I mean “I might not make it through this” cold. I’m talking “I can barely breathe” cold, go ahead and wash your face in that cold water while you’re at it. Reducing puffiness and swelling is the easiest way to look rested, healthy and well. Not to mention…this will wake you up!

9. I put my pretend clean hair back or in braids, I brush on a simple makeup look.

10. I fake a smile.

It works. Do I look hungover to you??


This was the morning after more margaritas than any 5′ 4″ girl should be drinking.


The white not blood shot eyes always, always make a difference! Obviously, concealer under those eyes plays a big part as well.


I’m faking that smile.

And just a note…this routine can be used on days in which you’re feeling under the weather due to allergies, flu and cold. The same concepts apply!

Drink responsibly? 😉