Andrew and I had a terrific weekend. 

We spent most of it prepping for our Halloween party on Saturday and the remainder of it recovering from said Halloween party.

I love planning things…I really do. All week long I felt like I was on this little adventure! Of course, it helps that I have a wonderful husband who enjoys planning right along with me…and somehow manages not to get exasperated with all of my (sometimes crazy) ideas!

I wanted to add a unique element to our party this year…beyond the drinking games and usual shenanigans. Because Photo Booths are nestled comfortable in my top 10 favorite things on the planet, I decided I just had to have one of my own….because I also don’t have a spare $500 sitting around…renting one was out of the question!

So, I made my own!

I realize that Halloween has now been tossed aside and buried beneath all things Christmas…but I figure a homemade photo booth would make the perfect addition to any Holiday Party!

Find a space in your house with plenty of room and you are halfway to making your own photo booth!

Homemade Photo Booth

What you will need:

1. A backdrop:: depending on what you are celebrating this can be any number of things! It can be as cheap and simple or as expensive and intricate as you want it to be! I stuck with a black shower curtain from Target. Affordable and simple!

2. Decorations:: I bordered mine with a string of lights in purple and orange. In retrospect, I should have used more or used bigger lights! They disappeared in the flash!

3. A significant source of light:: direct light shining on the backdrop and location for photos will be best. Overhead light won’t work as well. If you have a spotlight or something similar…that’s perfect! I got creative and used a lamp! 🙂

4. Props! Since our guests arrived to the Halloween party in costumes…I used minimal props. You could have a lot of fun with this though! Imagine the cute things you could gather for a Christmas party or New Years Eve celebration?? A cute little chalkboard or homemade sign detailing what you are celebrating and the year will make for some awesome memories!

5. A camera:: I think any camera will do, I used the DSLR camera I invested in a couple of years ago, but I think if you are creative enough you could make anything work!

6. A tripod:: not a necessity but definitely handy! It allowed people to take pictures without someone having to know how to operate the camera! Plus, we all got to get in on the fun!





So much fun!!