H & M Home Collection Favorites


When H&M announced that online is finally available..I did a heck of a happy dance. Like one of my best happy dances ever. H&M has been one of my favorite stores since I was a freshman in college visiting Chicago for the first time. I spent hours wandering around H&M and even after I dropped wayyy too much money there was so much left that I wanted!! Of course being young and naive I thought I would just check out the website when I returned home. Imagine how confused I was that I couldn’t order a thing!!

After I received the news that online shopping was made available I headed right for the website and I was greeted with another surprise. H&M Home. How did I not know about this?? I whipped out another happy dance, obviously and when I saw that the home collection prices were in line (aka affordable) with their clothes I happy danced myself to exhaustion!!

An affordable, trendy option for buying home decor couldn’t have come at a better time as I have decided that Andrew and I will be tackling the task of decorating and adding color to our ridiculously monochromatic house room by room. Trust me, you’ll be hearing a lot more about that!

If, like me, you had no idea H&M had a home collection…then I hope you are doing a happy dance right along with me!!