There is this pesky rumor going around that women are difficult to please and incredibly hard to shop for.

Not true.

When picking out a gift for any of the women in my life I like to make sure the item falls under one of the following categories:

Just Plain Cute

If it falls under one of those categories…you’ve probably got yourself a great gift!

Here are some of my favorite picks for gift giving this season!

Gift Guide for HER!
Chicks love candles, it’s in our DNA. And this candle…is the queen of candles! I prefer but Rose but all of the scents are incredible!
It’s adorable. It’s from Anthro. What else can I say?
For the hostess in your life…this gift is perfect!
This is the perfect “going out” accessory! I am of the belief that every gal should have an “iPhone purse”! And this one is adorable!
The perfect accessory!
More than meets that “cozy” category I mentioned earlier.
7. Knee Highs. $22.00
Cozy & cute! I’m obsessed with knee highs, put ’em on over a pair of leggings will a pair of boots and they can make any outfit that much better!
8. Polka Dotted Pot Holders. $14.00
Another great hostess gift and an excellent addition to a holiday party!
9. Fiona Apron. $34.00
Nothing makes me feel like whipping up an excellent meal more than putting on an adorable apron. Anthro has the best, and this one is classy and pretty enough to be worn by the hostess all night!