I spend an abnormal amount of time on the internet; sometimes I am being really productive and sometimes I am watching cat videos on YouTube. Fortunately, my perusing the internet always pays off and throughout the week I find some interesting, inspiring, hilarious and sometimes just weird things! And because I am usually hounding my mom, husband and friends with my random links, pictures, videos and quotes….I thought maybe I should just share them all here!

1. Favorite link of the week:
Huffpost Celebrity and it is entitled “Life Advice, As Dispensed by Amanda Bynes.”
It shouldn’t be funny, but it is.

2. Favorite new game:
Cards Against Humanity -think Apples to Apples, but better. In A2A some people take the opportunity to be a smart ass, in Cards Against Humanity…smart ass answers are encouraged. Basically, a black card is drawn every round that asks a question, the players all try to contribute with their funniest white card containing something totally random, as you can see below.  Sounds like a blast to play with my friends, I already ordered it! 🙂











3. Favorite Recipe:
Reese’s Monster Cookies from the blog Something Swanky.
I made these for Andrew a couple of weeks ago and we split the leftovers (there were a lot) and each of us took them to work with us. Everyone. Loved.Them. They taste like a really good day and they look like heaven.











4. Favorite Funny:
20 vs 30…I can literally see this in action with my friends and I. I’m okay with it.

20 vs 30 – watch more funny videos



5. Favorite Summer Cocktail:
Summer Fruit Sangria courtesy of Martha Stewart. This chick knows her sangria! I feel like sangria has become such a summer staple, but this recipe is just different enough to make it fun and a bit unique! And it just looks pretty!!











I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I will be spending every minute I can outdoors with my husband, I just haven’t gotten enough time with him lately!