Happy Friday!!

Here are my favorite internet finds from the week.

1. Laughing Lottery Winner. I’m pretty sure that this lady is my soul mate, because if I won a million dollars all I would be able to do is laugh and smile. If you haven’t seen this yet…I dare you to watch it without giggling along. Seriously.


2. Favorite eCard of the week. So. Accurate. 😉

Funny ecard











3. Flula. He is the cure for any bad day; a German guy who tries to make sense of American idioms. In this particular video he is dissecting the saying, “party pooper.” You’ll love it, I promise.


4. Now that I am a newlywed…the obvious thing to do is to stalk The Nest, a byproduct of The Knot. I love it, lots of tips for surviving marriage 😉 This list, 41 Things To Do Before You Have A Baby is awesome and smart. I think I just might be able to keep Mr. Grade busy long enough for me to get on the baby train! A few of my favorite items on the list?

Go to Disneyland and act like kids.

Enjoy an all nighter (the voluntary kind, not the kind in which your baby cries all night!)

Take a cooking class together.

5. I saved the best for last….are you ready for this? An amazing website called, The Hunt. If you are an avid Pinterest user like me or you spotted a really great item on a website that might be sold out or you want it in a different color…this website helps you find it! Create an account, provide the url, upload the image or connect directly to Pinterest to begin “the hunt” for your item. Usually a hunt has already been created and the item found but if not, other members will see your post and provide any information they might have on the item. Have I mentioned lately how much I love the internet? I just used it to find a shirt I pinned on Pinterest. So great!

the hunt








I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!!