I love coffee. I mean I really love it. Coffee is nestled right up there with my family, friends and Andrew as a priority.

My relationship with coffee began in Florence, Italy at 18-years-old. I was overseas with my parents making several stops throughout Italy; one morning I braved the car ride into Florence from the bed and breakfast we had stopped at for one reason only…finding an internet source. I was in Italy and I was just dying to check my Facebook…18-year-olds…amiright? My dad, on the other hand, was craving a caffeine fix and so we stopped at a Cafe on the side of the street. It was the most beautiful little place and though I was not a coffee drinker I insisted that my dad get me something. We sat at a small table, he was reading his newspaper and I was choking down an extremely strong cappuccino but the whole experience was incredible! Something about the fancy mug, the saucer, the biscoff like stirring stick they included and the intricate details of the cafe…it was perfection. I fell in love with the experience before I fell in love with the drink. Since that day I have been a coffee nut! Coffee has become more than a habit for me…instead it has become a sort of refuge. Whenever life gets less than wonderful a steaming cup of coffee offers solace and comfort.

Since Italy I have found myself checking out coffee houses and cafes wherever and whenever possible; while I have found an incredible number of places with really good coffee I had yet to find the experience that I was after.

So, last week when I read about a new coffee house named Stories opening right down the street from my house I was excited to try it out and I am absolutely infatuated with the place!

Stories Coffee House is divine! It really is not the kind of place you expect to find in Omaha, NE. The atmosphere is created in dim lighting, re-purposed antique furniture, vintage finds and an aura of comfort and coziness! Seating is a mixture of tables and chairs, rockers and coffee tables, long tables and benches and each seating area provides privacy and yet the opportunity to interact with those around you. The place had my heart from the moment we walked in; there is literally the most wonderful details throughout the entire place, I could barely stop looking around long enough to place my order. We ordered Andrew a cordialatte, a special derived from the owner’s other endeavor The Cordial Cherry just a couple of doors down from Stories, and I ordered my classic vanilla latte. We ordered the breakfast special, a sausage and breakfast sandwich, on a whim. When the coffee arrived in the most adorable mugs accompanied with two small chocolate treats, I literally bounced up and down with excitement. This was it. This was the experience I was after. Andrew and I had such a lovely time and while I was thoroughly enjoying our experience together my mind was racing to all of the future visits to this place and I was just so happy!

 stories 1

 They surrounded the fireplace with DOORS; old, vintage, unique doors. How neat is that?? And I couldn’t stop looking at this light fixture, an upside down lantern?? I was literally swooning!

 2013-07-20 09.42.30

Trust me…its as tasty as it looks!! Presentation is everything…and this place has it down!

stories 2

I mean, doesn’t it just look like it came right out of a movie?

That’s just me…LOVING life.

I could go on for hours….but I won’t. The place is fabulous. Oh, and the breakfast sandwich we ordered was divine! They are open for lunch and dinner and I can only imagine that all of the food is spectacular…I will be finding out for myself this week!

If you give it a try make sure and let me know what you think!