I have a thing for “firsts”. I can’t help it…I think every “first” should be extra special. Unfortunately, after getting engaged everything becomes a “first” again. I really do mean everything.

“Today is our first road trip as engaged couple!”

“This is our first grocery trip as an engaged couple!”

“This is our first movie night as an engaged couple!”

You can imagine that Andrew might be a little bit beyond frustrated with me at this point. Especially because a very big “first” has finally arrived…our First Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple! Exciting stuff right? I thought it was exciting until a few weeks ago when I found out Andrew had to work (2pm-10pm)…doesn’t leave much time for the epic evening I was hoping for. True to form I threw a fit…I mean isn’t this ring on my finger insurance that I don’t spend a holiday such as Valentine’s Day…ALONE?!

Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: Happy early Valentine's Day to someone who should already be planning the greatest night of my life.

Luckily emotional Hayley fled quickly and rational Hayley took her place. It dawned on me that this ring in fact means that Andrew and I have years…LOTS OF YEARS to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I can’t even imagine the things that will happen in all of those years to prevent us from spending some Valentine’s Days, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. together. We will have to make the best of it.

So it was decided (mostly by me) that I would plan something extra special for Valentine’s Day night in the few precious hours we have after Andrew gets home and before we have to go to bed and Andrew would plan something special for Wednesday (the day after) since he has that night off. Our very first Valentine’s day as an engaged couple will last 48 hours…I think that classifies as an extra special “first”.

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!