Giveaway goodies!!!! Anyone who wants to order their starter kit from me this month…..I will send an oily gift basket which will include: 3 stress away & lavender bath bombs (color of your choice), lavender pillow and linen spray to help you drift of peacefully at night 😴😴, AND best of all a “motivation” roller blend that will encourage you to dominate your day, project, workout, etc.

1. Use this link to head over to the signup page:

2. Sign up as a wholesale member (major savings!!!)

3. The member and enrolled ID should populate if not type this in 11122245

4. Pick your starter kit – the premium starter kit with the dewdrop is an excellent option.

5. Skip the essential reward points for now.

6. Confirm your order.

7. Change your life!!! AND THEN EARN YOUR FREEBIES!!

To find out more about my Essential Oil adventure and how you can change your life visit my Love, Bliss & Oils page here!