During my 20 month engagement…lol….I began a quest to develop the perfect skin care routine. I was certain that if I had to walk down the aisle with acne I would just lose my shit…so vain, I know. Lucky for me…about 5 months from the big day I seemed to have found the perfect fit. Expensive & time consuming…but extremely effective.

Just recently while I was sitting in my hair stylists chair she gushed about the quality of my complexion and insisted I share the details of my skin care with her. And because she is not the first quasi stranger to request the deets I thought maybe I could share them here? So, if you don’t care about skin care (gasp!) you should leave now, cause shits about get real.

 Face Cleansing Routine

So, say hello to love of my life. I’m talking about that oddly shaped pink thing in the middle. That, is my Clarisonic Mia and it’s changed my life. I can literally hear women around the world agreeing with me. It’s awesome.

The only complaints I have heard about the thing is that it irritated an individual’s skin. If that is ever the case I would make sure to snatch up the sensitive skin brush set and maybe cleanse with it every other day instead of every day.

Because I don’t have especially sensitive skin I have discovered a way to use this precious thing twice a day, morning & night. I purchased both the sensitive skin brush set as well as the deep pore cleansing set. I use the sensitive brush in the morning and cut down the Mia’s cleaning time to 30 seconds (it usually auto runs for 60 seconds) and then at night when I want to get the grime and makeup off from the day I switch to the deep pore cleansing brush and really go at it! 😉 This process keeps my skin uber clean, free of build up but it is not too rough on it either! As for cleansers….I use the Clinique acne solutions cleanser set for the morning and I finish the evening with Philosophy’s purity cleanser in the evening. Both are amazing, but I find the Clinique to be a bit more invigorating and appropriate for the morning while the Purity cleanser is like a night time caress for my skin. 🙂

Here’s the thing about skin care…it doesn’t stop at keeping it clean. Especially skin care in your 20’s, because I discover zits and wrinkles at the same time. 🙁

Complexion Perfection

I have a legitimately close relationship with these guys. When they start to run low I feel panicked, mostly because they really eat away at my paycheck. 😉

If you are 21 years or older you need, need, need!!! to be using an anti-aging eye cream. Just do it…please. Prevention is so much easier than trying to reverse any sort of damage that might be done by all of the unhealthy things you do to yourself on a daily basis. I am a Philosophy super fan…so I use their product Eye Hope, but really…anything is better than nothing. In addition to hydrating and protecting your eyes…it’s important to do that to the rest of your face. I purchased both of Philosphy’s Hope In A Jar moisturizers; one is specifically for night time use. Philosophy’s classic Hope In A Jar moisturizer is as simple, pure and basic as it gets as far as facial moisturizers are concerned; using it morning and night should give most everyone a positive result. I stepped it up a notch with the Night time version because it has a retexturizing component that helps fend of the signs of age….and I ain’t gettin’ any younger! 

Last but absolutely not least…a cleansing mask. Everyone should use one at least once a week. I am partial to Glam Glow’s mud masks. They have two, both are excellent, but I have less of an opinion on masks as I have never found one that didn’t give me some sort of the result I was looking for.

Despite the amount of money I spend on my products and the intense love I have for every single one of them I absolutely certain that the biggest contributor to the improvements my complexion has seen is also the cheapest…

Lemon Water!

Water…and lots of it, is so important for every aspect of your health. The better your health…the better your skin! But lemon water does amazing things. I literally suck this down all. day. long. And you know what? I see results because of it! It’s easy, cheap and healthy! A no-brainer!

I realize that not everyone is anxious to go out and empty their bank accounts at Sephora. I’m sure all of these aspects can be recreated in DIY home versions or cheaper drug store finds, but I strongly believe that all aspects must be covered to obtain the results you are looking for. So to wrap it up…

5 Steps To Complexion Perfection