I don’t think anyone anticipated the excitement with which Andrew would dive into planning this wedding…I know that I certainly did not. I mean…previous events were planned solely by me and Andrew was told where to be and when; I imagined that this wedding would be similar. I was wrong. So. Wrong. From the minute this (beautiful) ring was placed on my finger Andrew has wanted to be an integral part of the planning process. A mere 24 hours after… Read more »

I have a thing for “firsts”. I can’t help it…I think every “first” should be extra special. Unfortunately, after getting engaged everything becomes a “first” again. I really do mean everything. “Today is our first road trip as engaged couple!” “This is our first grocery trip as an engaged couple!” “This is our first movie night as an engaged couple!” You can imagine that Andrew might be a little bit beyond frustrated with me at this point. Especially because a very… Read more »

The Kardashians do a lot of things I don’t condone, so I should probably clarify this title a bit right out of the gate. I am specifically referring to Kourtney & Scott’s sleeping arrangement…which is not in the same bed…or bedroom for that matter. Andrew and I’s latest disagreement has to do with this very decision…how bad is it for our relationship if we sleep in separate bedrooms? Maybe this is a good time to introduce you to Andrew… He’s adorable… Read more »

After Andrew proposed everyone I encountered asked the same question, “so, what is it like being engaged!?” Usually their voice raised an octave or two at the end making it sound like an extra exciting question…which always left me with the pressure of providing an extra exciting response. I never had one. The hours following the engagement were obviously some of the most exciting of my life…but by the next morning very few things had changed for the positive. So we are spending… Read more »

As most of you, if you pay any attention at all, have realized…this is not my usual blog Hayley’s Comment. Sorry, but sometimes life changes and your blogging patterns just have to change right along with it! So I would like to present Young, Lovely & A Little Bit Mean…my take on “engagement bliss”. Those of you who know me and/or followed Hayley’s Comment are well aware that I am honest, sometimes too honest. Life, especially my life, is just… Read more »