Follow my blog with Bloglovin   It’s no secret that I like pictures…alright, full disclosure? I LOVE pictures, I’m obsessed with photographs and it is incredibly difficult for me to let a moment go by without capturing it on camera. And while some of my friends and loved ones probably find it incredibly annoying that I am interrupting stories, meals and concerts to snap a quick picture, I truly believe that some day they will thank me. Some day when… Read more »

Fridays are more fun when you don’t have to work on Saturdays..I’m learning this now. Ah well, it is still a happy day!! Some of my favorites… 1. Five things you need to stop doing on Facebook. It’s funny, you’ll giggle. 2. Who Stole Miley’s Tongue? Why can’t I be this clever? An entire blog dedicated to making fun of Miley’s tongue antics at the VMA’s. This one is my favorite   3. The Busy Girl’s Guide to Waking Up… Read more »

This is a continuance of the series, A Guide to Sephora, you can see the introduction here! If you walk into Sephora unprepared…2 things are very likely to happen. 1. You’ll feel overwhelmed & inadequate and never want to come back again. or… 2. You’ll spend $600.00. I don’t want either of those things to happen to you…unless you have $600 to spend…then go for it!! Grab me some goods too! 😉 The first thing you must decide is what… Read more »

Do you guys know about Polyvore? You should. It’s spectacular. The website literally promotes creativity, specifically toward fashion, beauty and decor, but I think anyone, anywhere could find a fabulous way to use it! I’ve been using it for almost a year for inspiration and just recently I’ve been using it to put together my little blog collages and I decided I must share the secret! Go visit, check out my Polyvore profile, and follow if you’d like! I love… Read more »

Andrew and I live on opposite schedules Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. Thursday night is the only weeknight I actually have him home in the evening. This is an unfortunate situation for several reasons, the obvious being, lack of time together. But, it also has its perks, Thursday night is our official date night and we both look forward to it all week! On more than one occasion “date night” has turned into pitchers of beer at the bowling alley,… Read more »

When I joined Pinterest almost two years ago I was immediately enthralled by the beauty of it. The way the individuals I followed would fill up the page with clothes, flowers, food and thousands of ideas. I truly felt like I was part of something. Beyond the the DIY’s, the life hacks and the amazing home decor I found myself drawn to the inspiration. The quotes, lyrics, photos and poetry that spoke of people suffering, loving, growing, changing…the emotion, the… Read more »

Yo. Happy Friday!! I’m going to skip the jabber and just go ahead and share my favorite internet finds of the week! 😉 1. Favorite Song: Kelly Clarkson’s new video for her song “Tie It Up”. Instant good mood, I promise. Plus she just looks like she is having so much fun singing this song!! 2. Favorite Funny: Someecards “Better Like Button” options. I wanted to pin the whole page, really, I did. But I sat there and giggled insanely… Read more »

I have been known to fret just a bit too much over my physical appearance; weight, makeup, hair, etc… So, when I woke up extremely tired the other morning; groggy, grumpy and confused from my overnight allergy meds and too much antihistamine…I decided I just didn’t have it in me. I didn’t want to wash my hair, I didn’t want to carefully and painstakingly apply my makeup, eye shadow and eye liner. I wanted something quick, fresh and easy. After… Read more »

I used to sit up to the bar at our lake home as a young teen and watch my mom carefully and meticulously put together my dad’s favorite cocktail: a dirty martini. I loved watching my mom, beautiful, perfumed and dressed up, expertly crafting a martini for my dad’s arrival home from a business trip. It seemed romantic. When I was old enough…my dad let me have a sip, I spit that sip out right back in his face. It… Read more »

I have a bit of anxiety. Okay, my husband is going to read this and totally call me out on that statement. So, let me revise, I seriously struggle with anxiety. In all honesty, I wouldn’t wish the vortex of my mind on my worst enemy. Fortunately, I have made some significant changes in my life the past few years and I am able to manage this anxiety with exercise, organization, routines and a glass (or two) of wine every… Read more »