Ugh. I promised myself that I would NOT get sucked into the holiday vortex and neglect my updates…unfortunately, it appears that I have done exactly that!

The good news is…plenty of new readers have still been happening upon the site and deciding to subscribe to my updates! Subscribers make me giddy!

If you are a new subscriber…I promise you’ll be hearing from me much more than you have lately!

The other piece of good news is…while I may have been neglecting updates…I was certainly NOT neglecting my blog! I have been working incessantly on the back end of things so that I can improve my content, photos and the overall experience for my readers! I think you guys will like what you see in 2014!

So, just to catch you all up to speed – a quick picture update on life!

-Here are the highlights-


I’ve been attempting to use my own organization tips and closet clean-up to help my mother avoid becoming a hoarder. It’s still a work in progress. πŸ™‚


For the first time in our 5 years together my husband has hair.

This means….at least once a day he asks how his hair looks, he takes even LONGER to get ready and he pouts consistently about not being able to wear his sunglasses on his head or a hat when it is cold.

I love it though…so it’s staying.


I struggled with my diet…


We celebrated my best friend’s birthday with a surprise party!


I laughed a lot. This kid contributed to a lot of that laughter.


Did I mention I struggled with my diet….? πŸ™‚


Andrew I celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a married couple!


AND for the first time ever…I beat him in darts!! πŸ™‚


Nebraska lost to Iowa. πŸ™‚


Andrew and I enjoyed another nerf gun war!


I put a Christmas tree in the bedroom. Best decision ever!


I had the best Christmas ever.


And I got a Kate Spade purse!!!! πŸ™‚

Now that you’re all caught up…I promise not to abandon you again!

Happy Monday!