The Kardashians do a lot of things I don’t condone, so I should probably clarify this title a bit right out of the gate. I am specifically referring to Kourtney & Scott’s sleeping arrangement…which is not in the same bed…or bedroom for that matter. Andrew and I’s latest disagreement has to do with this very decision…how bad is it for our relationship if we sleep in separate bedrooms?

Maybe this is a good time to introduce you to Andrew…

He’s adorable right? Right. But there is nothing adorable about him snoring like a freight train in my ear at 3:00am, and I highly doubt he finds my “Andrewwww, you are snoring AGAIN. Roll over. No roll this way, I SAID roll over” very attractive either. By the next morning we are both sleep deprived and obviously grouchy. To make matters worse Andrew prefers to keep the TV on alllll night long. All night. He will wake up randomly, channel surf and then fall back asleep. And I am left being jarred awake by the intro to Sponge Bob Square Pants. Its nowhere near ideal.

All that being said…we still find it difficult to go our separate ways at the end of the day. We have so little time together as it is with separate and hectic schedules. So comes the time to ask…Do we spend the rest of our lives together sleeping apart..or do we spend the rest of our lives together especially tired?

My proposed solution? A sleep schedule. Thursday night-Saturday night (nights in which I can go without a little sleep) he is in bed with me. Sunday night-Wednesday night he kisses me goodnight and heads off to bed. While I recognize this schedule is far from romantic…so is harboring thoughts of smothering him with a pillow in the middle of the night. (I really wouldn’t do that..I don’t think.)

Now we hope for the best. I’ll keep you posted.