Andrew and I have lived on opposite schedules for the past two years; he worked 2:00pm-10:00pm, and I was home from work by 6:30 and ready for bed by 9:00 (I’m so old). The weekends were much the same as he usually had to work at least one day if not both of the two I was given off for the week. Unfortunately, this schedule significantly restricted our opportunity for household projects. When he was at home we wanted to be doing something fun and romantic…sweeping out the garage or painting the master bathroom is neither of those things.

The good news is…Andrew got a promotion at work just days before our wedding and as a result of that promotion he has every weekend off from work. It is divine; really, it is. And so far we have used those weekends to adjust to married life, car shop, celebrate with friends and just be in love…but now, it is time to begin project number of 1 of 2,384….our front door.

front door collage

I’m not sure at what age I came home from school to find that our front door had been painted blue….but I was ecstatic! I lived behind a blue door….it seemed downright magical! My love for this blue door did not wane with age; instead, it began to mean more, and as I found myself rounding the corner after a horrible night or a trip home from college I found myself breathing a sigh of relief at the sight of it. That blue door became home.

I think you can all guess where this is going. From the moment Andrew and I moved into our home I have regarded our front door with what can only be described as tolerance. As you can see, it’s tan…much like everything else in our house (we’re going to change that, I promise). It is not an offensive looking door…it’s just plain. I do my best to cover the majority of it with bright wreaths in fun colors but it doesn’t look like home quite yet. So, this weekend we will be painting our door some shade of blue.

In preparation for this day, I have spent a lot of time looking at front doors on Pinterest. And I actually have an entire board dedicated to the front door possibilities! It’s awesome, you can check out the entire thing here. Many of those doors are pure fantasy, but there are a few that have served as some very real inspiration.

door inspo

As you can see…I am all over the place as far as the color of blue is concerned, I am pretty sure every shade of blue has my heart!! Along with the painting I am definitely planning on updating the hardware; I think replacing the door knob with a door handle will add a bit of sophistication and charm. I absolutely adore the idea of a door knocker, but my extreme love for wreaths would most likely make that investment a waste. The house number painted on the door is such a unique addition; something I would definitely consider adding at a later date.

I am just bursting with excitement to complete our first home project together as a married couple and I couldn’t wait another second to share our plans! Now you just have to wait to see the finished project!!