Autumn Door

Wanna know something? I hope so, cause I’m going to tell you something, probably lots of somethings before we’re all through with this…but first things first!

I didn’t want to change my name after I got married, in fact, I contemplated not doing this at all!

My maiden name was Hayley Ann O’Hara…and I have been told by a number of people, both friends and strangers, that it is probably the most adorable name ever. But, that’s not the reason I didn’t want to change my name….I didn’t want to change it because my new name…Hayley Ann Grade would make my initials HAG. I’m now a hag. Silly, I know…but I’m the one that has to put up with it. Initials aside I have to say my new last name has been growing on me, mostly because I consider it an amazing gift that a guy as wonderful as my Andrew wanted to share it with me.

When I considered what I would replace my extremely summery wreath with for the fall season I guess you could say I was inspired by new last name. In years past I have always gone all out with the Halloween decorations…only to find myself stuck on November 1st, still fall…but not Halloween and not yet time for Christmas decor. So, this year I made a pact that the majority of my fall decor would be autumn themed as opposed to Halloween like.

I decided to begin with my front door accent, since I still cannot get enough of my blue door! 🙂

Since my happy little wreath has been hanging around all summer I thought I would take a step back from wreaths this season and really show Mr. Grade how much I am enjoying my new last name!

I wasn’t entirely sure there would be a wood letter as large as I was looking for; in fact, I anticipated having to venture online to find it. But, one quick trip to Hobby Lobby and I had everything I needed! The entire project cost me less than $40.00, but I already had the paint brushes I needed (those can add up!)

G Supplies

I had a very vague idea of what I wanted the letter to look like when finished. I knew I wanted an autumn theme that could last me until Christmas time, and I was imagining a chevron pattern or polka dots. Once I had my letter I browsed the store for autumn like paint colors and accents.


I think I stood in the paint aisle for forever! Again, I wanted autumn, not Halloween. I knew that I wanted the majority of the initial to be a white like color, but with the blue door, I was worried that too white and crisp would inspire a summer like theme…and I didn’t want that. I found a nice warm white called “Bleached Sand” and it really worked perfectly. Again, with the orange shade I didn’t want halloweeny, but I didn’t want a very summer like coral either….I found “Spiced Pumpkin” could it get any more perfect?? 🙂

The flowers were an added perk as they added a bit of dimension so the paint wasn’t in charge of carrying the whole thing.

I decided on some sturdy hemp rope to hang it with…which was a mistake. Stay tuned…

I figured the hardest part of this project would be drilling the holes into the letter in a way in which would allow the letter to hang straight….also, using a drill was a bit intimidating. I wish I had recorded the conversation when I called Andrew at work to ask him how to use his drill.

the drill

It went something like,

“What do you mean you need to use the drill? Well, do you know how to get the bit in there? No you need to push the button on the left. No! Don’t turn it toward your face! Just send me a picture so I can make sure its in there straight.” 

While he babbled I managed to get the bit in there and I was ready to drill.


I spent a lot of time measuring, and re-measuring before I drilled any holes. I was absolutely certain I was going to screw the whole thing up before I really even started.

Once I had my holes drilled (really wasn’t that big of deal Andrew….) I decided to string the hemp rope through and make sure that it hung the way I wanted it to on the door.

Well, this just in, when you cut hemp rope…it immediately unravels.

hemp rope

I tried burning it, I tried hot gluing it, I tried drilling it into the hole (probably not great for the drill….) no dice.

Finally, I decided to settle for using steel wire I had laying around from a previous project. Took away some of the warmth, but got the job done nonetheless!

steel wire

Finally, I was ready to paint!!

I set the letter up on cork board tacks for easy access and began painting.

first coat

After just one coat of the “Bleached Sand” paint I was already ecstatic about the color I chose.

After two coats and over an hour of drying I taped the letter to begin painting some simple diagonal stripes. I decided on stripes because Polka dots would be a bit too busy with the flowers and I thought maybe the Chevron pattern is a getting a bit….overdone….lately. 🙂

taped and ready to paint


I’m so aware this looks like a Broncos G! 😉

I painted two coats of the “Spiced Pumpkin” and I have to admit I was a bit alarmed with the way it contrasted against the blue…since my door is blue.

Once it dried and I removed the tape I added my flowery accents with a hot glue gun, attached my wire and hurried out to place it on the door.

And….I LOVE it.

Letter Door Accent for Autumn

It’s so cheerful without being too much! Not to mention it leaves me with plenty to add on the front porch to really give the house an autumn like feel! And while it certainly pulls from Broncos colors…I don’t think it does in an overwhelming way. Plus, we’re Broncos fans…we can handle it!

Autumn Door

I truly adore it! The first day I drove by just a couple of times to see what it looked like to the neighbors.

I hope you like it and I hope you’re inspired to start your autumn decor transition!