I just joined the Tumblr craze. I know it was only a matter of time before my Pinterest fix would be too much and I would be looking for another fix. I found it.

In case you are a Tumblr addict as well…or maybe because you just can’t get enough of me you can check out my Tumblr here::


Anyways, I was perusing the “wedding” tag this evening and soaking in all of the beautiful wedding images when I encountered this short post::

I can’t wait to be married

So that Joe and I can buy our groceries and make our bed (or not) and make cookies all the time, dance in the kitchen, and snuggle under blankets every night before bed and nobody has to go home.

Permanent sleepover.

I can’t wait to have joint things.

“That’s Joe and Katie’s couch.”


…this made me pause. Andrew and I already buy our groceries. It is our couch. And we make a joint decision every day not to make our bed. I had to ask myself…do couples that live together prior to marriage miss out on something?

I decided quickly that the answer was no, not necessarily.

Images of Andrew’s toothpaste splatter all over the bathroom suddenly invaded my mind. Initially, I was jealous of the romance involved in starting your life together in so many different ways. Andrew and I are going to come home from our honeymoon to the same house we shared for years, we’re going to get in the same bed and buy the same groceries. And love each other in the same way.

And just when I was about to kick Andrew’s butt out, sell the house and spend the rest of our engagement in two separate and very small 1-bedroom apartments I realized something. Isn’t even more romantic that I am choosing Andrew and our life together with all of the facts? His toothpaste will always be splattered across the bathroom, his snoring will continue to cost me my sleep, his obsession with discussing the lawn will have my eyes rolling into the back of my head and his test strips will be all over the house…but despite that, despite all of it I can’t wait to have him and his mess and his snoring  under the same roof for the rest of my life. Making that choice, even with reality crashing down on top of us, is more romance than anyone could ever hope for.