This is a continuance of the series, A Guide to Sephora, you can see the introduction here!

If you walk into Sephora unprepared…2 things are very likely to happen.

1. You’ll feel overwhelmed & inadequate and never want to come back again.


2. You’ll spend $600.00.


I don’t want either of those things to happen to you…unless you have $600 to spend…then go for it!! Grab me some goods too! 😉

The first thing you must decide is what you actually need to purchase…okay, want to purchase. If you already have a makeup routine based on drugstore products then it is really as simple as deciding which products you would prefer to try outside of the drugstore brands.

But, if you are absolutely, brand new to make-up and beauty products in general, I suggest you visit this blog for some great beginners tips…and then hurry up and get back here to learn how to conquer Sephora!

So, I’m a list making kind of gal, so let’s break this process down into steps shall we?

1. Understand what you need/want to purchase.

Take an inventory of your makeup & beauty collection and ask yourself some questions?

What am I not happy with?

What look/technique am I trying to accomplish that I can’t seem to with my current product?

What am I about to run out of?

What am I just plain tired of?

What is my skin reacting badly to?

After sorting through your current products you can get an idea of what you are actually after. If you are completely happy with the Cover Girl foundation you are using then there is absolutely no reason to upgrade, but if that eye liner never gives you a straight line…then check out your options!

2. Create a list of product types you want to explore further. 

For example, my list might look like:

CC Cream, BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer

Eye Liner


Eye Primer

If you just have no idea what you want I suggest subscribing to Birchbox…it’s like a magazine subscription except you are getting a bunch of samples every month based on your interests. It’s $10.00 a month and so much fun to find in the mail. Some of my favorite beauty products I discovered from trying something in my Birchbox!

3. Research, research and then research some more!!

This is the fun kind of research though, I promise!

Pinterest is an excellent resource, use the website as a search engine and search for each of the product types. Create a Pinterest board with some of your possibilities!

If you need some inspiration…I have a couple of beauty based boards…feel free to peruse! 😉

Make Me Pretty

Makeup Trends

Once you have fully exhausted Pinterest as a resource, head to and search there. Sephora is insistent about customer reviews, every time I purchase there I receive an email asking me to review the items that I bought. At first this annoyed me, but there is no better resource than other people who tried the same product you are considering. Most people’s reviews go beyond, “it was awesome!” or “i hated this stuff” and instead these people try to explain what went wrong. Use this information. is another excellent source. You can begin discussions in their Talk feature and ask other beauty enthusiasts for their opinions.

Once you finish all of this you will be more than prepared for the fun part…creating the wish list and sampling the product!