The most common comment I get on my smokey eye makeup is…”I try and do something like that and I just look silly!”

I bet you don’t! We all spend so much time looking at ourselves in the mirror that sometimes when we try something a bit different than our usual look we think we look ridiculous…when someone else thinks you look great!

There are so many tutorials and tips on achieving the perfect smoky eye look! But…if you keep trying and you keep finding yourself less than impressed with the outcome…I’ve put together a list of the 5 most common ways we manage to ruin our smokey eye look! These come from personal experience!

Smokey Eye

1. Your brows are pulling a disappearing act.

Some of us have naturally dark, rich and perfectly shaped brows. Most of us don’t…which means…for all of you fair haired girls out there…you need to fill them in! I’m an outrageous believer of filling in the brows anytime (even when I am going out sans makeup I at least stop to give my brows a little color) but it is ridiculously important if you want to pull off a smokey eye. If you don’t fill those things in they will take a back seat to the heavy makeup look on your eye. That’s not good – we need our brows….I know I’m still having bad dreams about Kendall Jenner’s bleached brows.

Try: Anastasia Brow Genius Kit

2. Your lashes lack drama.

If you have long lashes…awesome. Curl those things and use a mascara like Benefit! They’re Real to give those things some life! If you don’t have the lash length…then apply some falsies. Your lashes are an extremely important aspect of the smokey eye – they add dimension and add texture to the look…dramatic, full eye lashes are key!

Try: Benefit, They’re Real! Mascara
Try: Urban Decay – Urban Lash

3. Your lip color is fighting to steal the show.

Very few people successfully pull off a bold eye and a bold lip simultaneously. I think I’ve successfully done this once (and I was never able to do it again!) If you’ve decided to give your eyes some smoky attention then its best to keep the lips subtle and glossy. This goes for blush as well – keep it soft!

Try: Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian
Try: Nars Blus in Orgasm

4. You’ve left a mess. 

It is almost impossible to apply a smokey eye without ending up with a little debris under the eye and on the face. If this isn’t properly cleaned up then you’ll be left with a dark circle, sunken eye look that reminisces the morning after a realllly long night. It’s best to do the eyes first, clean up the mess and then apply foundation and concealer on the face. Finish with the setting spray to make sure everything stays where it should!

Try: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

5. You’re holding back.

People have the misconception that they can’t pull off a smoky eye. This isn’t true. Everyone can pull off a smokey eye of some sort. Don’t hold back when applying the look…if you do, you’ll end up with a smokey eye which actually isn’t a smokey eye! And you won’t love it!!

Try: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette